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The holidays are just around the corner! And if there’s one thing you feel confident in gifting your loved ones, it’s books, books and more books! You’re the family expert on what your sister should definitely pick up next, the go-to guide for your brother’s impossible taste, or the best brain to figure out what your parents might find interesting. But year after year is the same, so this year you’ve decided to mix it up! Not by buying anything else, but by finding fun ways to wrap your books!

Here are the top 7 ways to wrap your books this holiday season!

Book Wrapping Paper

1. Bookish wrapping paper and bookish bow

Print off book pages (or if you’re brave, rip up an old book) and wrap your gift in the written word. This is our go-to! And don’t forget to top off your gift with a book style bow!

Russian Doll

2. Russian-doll style
This one is for those who like their gifts to be a surprise. Remember those wooden Russian dolls that just keep getting smaller and smaller as you open them? We’re re-purposing the idea! Start with wrapping your book, then keep placing it inside a bigger and bigger box until the receiver has to unwrap an absurd amount of boxes.

Bodice Ripper

3. The gag gift: Fake book jacket

Buying for someone with a good sense of humour? Make sure you try this one. Buy them the book they will actually like but make sure you make a fake book jacket of something you know they will hate (or find embarrassing). My go-to idea is a very steamy bodice ripper jacket for any book my grandmother receives.


4. Wrapping Paper Jacket
On the more festive side, make a book jacket cover out of fun Christmas wrapping paper and tie with a bow. The recipient will know what they’re getting but they’ll appreciate the aesthetic!

Hollow Book

5. Book within book – (not for the faint hearted!)

I warn you, this trick requires book mutilation and not everyone is up for the carnage. I very much recommend you head to your nearest second-hand store for this one and pick up a book you do not care about. You’ll also need a book much larger than the book you’re gifting, plastic wrap, a box cutter, white glue, water, container and an old paintbrush. See the full instructions here. (Or if you’re completely non-crafty, they make book-shaped boxes. Go out and buy one.)

Postage wrapping

6. Personalize! Give it that extra special touch.
There are so many ways to wrap presents, so I’ve amassed a few of my favourites here to show you. There are so many cute alternatives to standard wrapping paper!

Reindeer wrapping

Word Search Wrapping

Snowman Wrapping

And don’t forget to get creative with the tags! It’s the perfect opportunity to show a bookish flavor, something from the book or just a tag that’s big enough to double as a bookmark.

Gift tags

7. Get interactive!

 Lastly, try a scavenger hunt (especially popular with kids!) Wrap a fake book-like object under the tree, with a note inside containing the first clue. If you have an extensive library (and an old enough audience), you can hide messages inside books with a bookish clue to lead you to the next one.

For instance, “you’ll find me in the cupboard under the stairs.” (You might want to check your copy of Harry Potter for the next clue).

In the end, hide the book wherever you wish. When I did this, I wrapped my book and put it in plain sight on the bookshelf with a Great Gatsby jacket. The last clue lead them to The Great Gatsby and when they pulled it off the shelf, they found the present.Fun for all!


That’s our list! We hope you enjoyed it and you find some creative ways to gift books this holiday season. Share your favourite ideas with us on Twitter @SavvyReader or let us know how you’ll be gifting your books this year.


Happy holidays, and happy reading!


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