Tips to Help You Meet Your 50 Book Pledge Goal

A new year means new books! How exciting! If you haven’t already, it’s time to sign up for the 50 Book Pledge and set a new reading goal. How many books will you read in 2018? Aim high, folks!

Looking for a little motivation to push you to read more this year? Here are some tips to make

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sure you meet your goal, and remind you of your love of reading!


  1. Bring a book everywhere!

Make sure you have a book with you wherever you go. You can make use of any extra few minutes to read – these add up! Whether you’re waiting for your morning train or sitting in the doctor’s office, have a book ready to go.


  1. Use a website or app to keep track

It’s easier to stay motivated if you keep track of your books. Use a website like Goodreads or the 50 Book Pledge to record what you’re currently reading, what you’ve finished, and what you want to read next. You’ll be proud of your reading accomplishments and excited to keep going!


  1. Change it up

I LOVE reading, obviously. But sometimes I get bored. I counter this by reading multiple books at the same time, so a book constantly feels fresh every time I dip in. Try reading different genres of books at once!


  1. Listen up!

Are you always on the go and can’t find time to drop everything and read? Try listening to an audiobook instead. Yes, those still count towards your reading goal! You can multitask while you listen, or just relax and enjoy being read to by someone else.


  1. Incorporate reading into your daily routine

Just like any other habit, it’s important to maintain consistency. Implement reading into your daily routine! Try and read at the same time every day to make it easier for the habit to stick.


  1. Make the perfect reading nook

Create an inviting space that encourages you to read! Cozy chair? Check. Fuzzy blanket? Check. Pile of beautiful books! You bet!! You’ll be itching to crawl into your nook and finish your current book.


  1. Turn off your phone!

We’re all a little addicted to our phones these days. Try leaving your phone in the other room or putting on silent so you can enjoy reading distraction-free. I find that I read a lot more pages in one sitting when I’m not tempted to look at Instagram or Twitter.


  1. Join a book club

Gather your closest bookish friends and join a book club! They can help motivate you to finish a book, and it’s nice to have a common goal. And isn’t it fun to gush about the ending of a book with someone who’s read it too? Reading for a book club also provides accountability – try your hardest to finish the book by the meeting date or face the wrath of your host/hostess!


  1. Read what you want to

While it’s important to branch out and read diverse literature, it may start to feel like a chore if you get stuck reading something that you’re not interested in. Try new things, but ultimately, read what you want to.


  1. It’s okay to say no

I used to feel so guilty for not finishing a book once I started, but it’s unrealistic. Once I realized I was spending months begrudgingly trying to finish books I wasn’t interested in, I decided to start saying no. If you are halfway through a book and it’s not singing to your soul, it’s okay to let go! Read what interests you and you’ll fly through a book in no time!


So go forth and read, Savvy Readers! Do you have any tips to share to read more? What’s your reading goal for 2018? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

Happy Reading,


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