Bookmarks: January 12

Hi Savvy Readers! I hope your January has been going swimmingly and you’re diving into some fresh new books! While you take a break (from reading, presumably), check out the best book news, links and photos of the week!

1. Canada Reads Longlist Revealed


CBC Books has announced the longlist for the 2018 annual Canada Reads competition! If you haven’t heard of it before, Canada Reads is a battle of the books where five Canadian personalities each defend a book they believe all Canadians should read. There are fifteen incredible books on the longlist, including Forgiveness by Mark Sakamoto. Which books do you think will make the shortlist?

2. A New Shelving Trend on Instagram


Image: Flavorwire

Forget arranging books by colour. Forget alphabetizing. It appears the newest trend is to display your books backwards, and people are very vocal about it. After comedian Pete Otway tweeted a photo from an interior decorating magazine showing backwards books, the internet is divided in its opinion.

What do think? Is it a practical way to shelve books? Is it pretty? Click here to see more photos of #BackwardsBooks and let us know your thoughts on the new trend!

 3. Fire and Fury Mix-up


You’ve all heard the buzz about Michael Wolff’s tell-all Trump book Fire and Fury. Well, quite a few people have gotten confused and ordered a different Fire and Fury, causing a 10-year old book to fly up the bestseller list. People have been ordering U of T professor Randall Hansen’s World War II book by mistake, and he’s having a laugh about it all. Read more here.

4. The Woman in the Window is #1!!


A. J. Finn‘s The Woman in the Window is #1 on Canadian bestseller lists after being on sale for just ONE week!!! This truly is the biggest book of 2018! Have you read the most talked about thriller  yet? The Woman in the Window broke pre-release sales records, and we are so thrilled (get it?!) Click here to learn more about the book!


And that’s all the news I have for this week! What’s on your “Currently Reading” shelf right now? And have you set your 2018 50 Book Pledge goal yet? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader.



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One thought on “Bookmarks: January 12

  1. There was a story awhile back about people confusing the title of a Stephen King book with a smaller author’s book and ordering hers. She made a site showing all the things she spent her Stephen King money on, it was so funny! The Fire & Fury story reminds me of that. And I can’t believe this backward book shelving trend…how do ever find what you’re looking for? I think it looks ridiculous too.

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