50 Book Pledge Featured Read: In a Cottage in a Wood

Happy Monday, Savvy Readers!

We hope you’re ready for another mind trip because for this week’s featured read, we’ve picked up the second novel by The Woman Next Door‘s Cass Green.

Neve just can’t seem to get herself together. She can barely hold down a job, has no romantic prospects whatsoever and must live with her sister and their family because she can’t afford rent. To top it all off, on a walk home from the pub, she stumbles across a young woman, Isabelle, who commits suicide right in front of her.

Not long afterwards, Neve’s luck begins to change when she finds out that Isabelle left her cottage and all of its belongings to Neve. Strange, yes, but a stroke of luck Neve can’t turn down.


After quitting her job and leaving her sister’s, Neve shows up to a find a run-down cabin with bars on the window – not a great first impression. The neighbours claim that Isabelle was suffering from a mental breakdown and constantly worrying someone was out to get her. But after spending some time at the cottage, Neve starts to think that Isabelle wasn’t just imaging things. Neve becomes convinced she is being stalked, but by who? And why?


As more strange things start to happen, the more Neve investigates to figure out what exactly is going on, who this woman was and why she was left this cottage to begin with. The twists and turns will be sure to have you rushing through the next chapter, as Neve’s and Isabelle’s lives become more and more intertwined.

If you’re a fan of The Woman in the Window, or The Girl on the Train, this book is a must-read! It’ll have you second guessing what’s real and what’s just Neve’s imagination. I couldn’t put down the book: I had to know what was going on! (If not just to find out the truth, but to subside the eerie, uneasy feelings I was getting.) If you like mystery thrillers, this book will not disappoint!

In a Cottage in a Wood by Cass Green is our 50 Book Pledge Featured Read. Don’t forget to add it to your 50 Book Pledge To Read shelf!

Happy reading!


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