50 Book Pledge Featured Read: If You Knew Her

This week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured Read is a terrific new voice in psychological suspense, Emily Elgar. If You Knew Her is written in the vein of Gilly Macmillan’s What She Knew and Clare Macintosh’s I Let You Go.

A woman in a coma. The man who could save her life—if only he could speak.

Emily Elgar pulls us in quickly with the first chapter of If You Knew Her—it’s the night that the young, beautiful Cassie Jensen is struck in a hit-and-run while out walking her dog. She is rushed to the intensive care ward at St. Catherine’s hospital.


Her nurse, Alice Marlowe, thinks she looks familiar and begins digging into Cassie’s relationship to figure out what happened… only to discover something about her patient that she’d been keeping secret from everyone, including her devoted husband and family. Alice finds herself obsessed with her Cassie’s past and future… to the point where she’s willing to put her own career on the line in her search for answers.

Frank is a patient in the same hospital ward as Cassie. He can hear and see everything, but he can’t speak or move. Can you imagine being locked inside your own body and not being able to tell anyone that you’re really there?! Anyways… Frank gets frustrated because he knows that Cassie is in danger, but he can’t warn anyone. Only Frank holds the truth, but no one knows it because he’s unable to communicate it.


The majority of the book takes place in the hospital, so it’s more of a medical suspense than it is a police procedural. Nonetheless, this book is suspenseful and mysterious. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that is told in different voices—Alice and Frank in present day, and Cassie on her backstory. Flashing between points of view, you’ll get closer and closer to the truth of who Cassie Jensen was. and just how this accident came to be…


Elgar really brings her characters to life in this fantastic debut that already has a 4.12 star rating on Goodreads!  If you like the sound of this thriller, the Killer Crime Club has so much more in store for you! Learn more and sign up for their *new* newsletter here!

If You Knew Her is this week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured Read. Add it to your To Read shelf now!

Happy reading!

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