15 of the Best Bookish Puns

Hey, readers!

We love a good pun, especially if it involves books. To include you in the fun, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favourites that we know all book lovers (read: YOU) will enjoy!


Tequila Mockingbird.



Sorry, my weekend’s all booked.


I see

A book fell on me, but I can only blame my shelf.


drawing a blank

Puns about books? I’m drawing a blank.


Iron of will

I had a will of iron, till you Bennet.


JK Sitting

J.K. Sitting. J.K. Rowling.



Sorry, my books make me a bit shelf-ish.



Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no Eyre.



Have you seen Finnick? Odair he is.



Never read Fitzgerald? You Gatsby kidding me!


Real Book

I just want to be a real book.


poe me a cup

Poe me a cup.



What’s President Snow’s favourite book? To Kill A Mockingjay.



ISBN thinking about you.

shelf control

I have no shelf-control.


Now that you’ve had a good laugh, tell us your favourite bookish pun in the comments below, or on Twitter @SavvyReader.

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