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Hey there, Savvy Readers! This may come as a surprise, but you know the authors who write those amazing books you can’t put down? Well, they do more than just write! Shocking, I know. And luckily for us, social media gives us a glimpse into exactly what it is they’re doing on their time off! Curious? Here’s our list of 10 authors that you need to add to your Insta feed, ASAP!

1. Angie Thomas

You should definitely be following our favourite THUG author. She praises other YA authors, shares important On The Come Up updates AND shares gems like the one above.

2. Mark Manson

Of course the king of not giving a f*ck has a great Instagram account. He and his wife are adorable #couplegoals and he shares tons of amazing travel pics. Plus, his Insta lets us see his fun goofy side!

3. Victoria Aveyard

Now that she’s officially announced her Canadian tour, what better way to keep up with the Red Queen series author? She’s also an avid bullet journal-er so if you need some page inspo, definitely check out her profile.ย 

4. Karma Brown

If you’re hoping for an author who suggests new reads, look no further. Brown’s Instagram account is filled with shots of what she’s currently reading.


5. A.J. Finn

Until the release of The Woman in the Window, Finn avoided social media altogether. So following him now let’s us all watch the handsome writer discover for the very first time the wonders of the mirror selfie.

6. Dennis Prescott

You’ll never need to look elsewhere for some dinner inspiration. Prescott’s feed is filled with AMAZING mouthwatering shots of his recipes. Prepare to start drooling.

7. Yolanda Gampp

If baking’s more your kitchen speed, this account is for you. The Youtube star, and author of How to Cake It, shares short how-to videos as well as tips that will have you preparing cakes like a pro.

8. Shannon Lee Simmons

This money expert won’t clog your feed with saving tips and budget samples. Instead, she shows off her mommy lifestyle, sharing pictures of her ADORABLE son. You have our permission to swoon.

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9. Arif Anwar

If artsy outdoor shots are your thing, you’ll love Anwar’s account. He shares outdoor photos not just from his travels, but from his daily living, showcasing everything from amazing greenery to historic buildings.

10. Jennifer Robson

Robson is just as obsessed with her pets as we are! This proud pet mom shares tons of photos of her fur-babies that will have you reaching for your own animal companion to cuddle.

Who’s your favourite author to follow on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

Happy Insta-stalking!


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