50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Dutch Wife

Hi Savvy Readers! For this week’s Featured Read, we have a beautiful, haunting historical fiction novel, and trust me, it should be at the top of your TBR!

The Dutch Wife by Ellen Keith follows a young Dutch woman, Marijke, after she is separated from her husband and taken to a concentration camp in Germany during World War II.

Conditions are horrible in the camp, and Marijke is given a choice: suffer in the labour camp, or join the camp brothel to offer companionship to German officers. The brothel women are given extra rations and separate living quarters, and Marijke hopes to catch a glimpse of her husband if she agrees.

It is at the brothel that Marijke catches the eye of the new SS commanding officer Karl Müller. Sent to take charge of the camp in hopes of living up to his father’s expectations, Karl longs to escape the horrors he witnesses at hands of his colleagues. But when he meets Marijke, they begin to form an unbreakable bond. But what about Marijke’s husband? Will they ever reunite? And can you love more than one person?

Weaved throughout Karl and Marijke’s narratives is a third storyline, of a young man in Buenos Aires in 1977. Luciano Wagner has been kidnapped and taken into military captivity. He must struggle to endure the imprisonment and search for an escape.

The Dutch Wife crosses decades and oceans to tell the stories of these three individuals, that somehow end up entangled. With stellar writing, rich characterizations and a heartbreaking story, The Dutch Wife is a true masterpiece.

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The Dutch Wife by Ellen Keith is this week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured Read. Add it to your To Be Read Shelf today!

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