13 Authors You Have to Follow on Twitter

If you’re as addicted to social media as I am, surely you’ll know that Twitter is the platform for writers. Where else can you find hard-hitting, must-see news, like Matt Haig struggling with a bout of writer’s block or Stephen King’s dog Molly (aka The Thing Of Evil) taking a nap? Here are 13 authors that you absolutely have to follow on Twitter!


1. Joseph Fink (@PlanetOfFinks)

Whether it’s a discussion of nerd culture or a frank political discussion, Joseph Fink always comes to Twitter armed with the trademark wit that made Welcome to Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead so wildly popular and ready to defend his (sometimes) controversial opinions.

2. Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself)

Neil Gaiman is arguably the most famous fantasy writer currently working today. He’s written modern classics like American GodsCoraline, and Sandman. He also, occasionally, writes tweets like this.

3. Roxane Gay (@rgay)

Roxane Gay‘s tweets are as diverse as her books. When she’s not giving us valuable insights or tearing down trolls, she’s playing Pokemon Go and providing readers with excellent book recommendations. She’s really one of the best there is.

4. Joanna Goodman (@joannagoodman)

Joanna Goodman, bestselling author of The Home for Unwanted Girls, is one of our favourite personalities in CanLit right now. She’s always hyping up her fellow authors (pictured: Goodman with Ellen Keith, bestselling debut(!) author of The Dutch Wife) and her charm and energy is so contagious. She’s just a blast!

5. Matt Haig (@matthaig1)

Okay, we cheated a bit. Yes, Matt Haig has already been mentioned , but his Twitter is seriously one of the best out there. Whether he’s tweeting previews of his new book, Notes On A Nervous Planet, cracking jokes about how hard writing is, or openly discussing his struggles with depression and anxiety, Matt Haig is always personable and always charming.

6. Jamil Jivani (@jamiljivani)

Jamil Jivani‘s work goes well beyond that of a traditional writer. As a former lawyer, a professor at Osgoode Hall, and a writer, Jivani is active in his community, working with at-risk youth and serving as the founder of the Citizen Empowerment Project, among other things. His Twitter feed showcases just how large and impactful his reach is.

7. Carrianne Leung (@kayee13)

Carrianne Leung, an up-and-coming writer intimately tapped into the CanLit scene, is using her platform to transform the industry and we’re all better for it – the CanLit Dumpster Fire Reading List is just one of the many examples of her tireless work that populates her Twitter feed.

8. Christopher Moore (@TheAuthorGuy)

Known for his biting satire and fantastical comedy, Christopher Moore is no different on Twitter than he is in print. He frequently takes down trolls with an impressive barrage of sarcasm, and isn’t afraid to weigh in (satirically, of course) on serious political issues.

9. Caitlin Moran (@caitlinmoran)

Caitlin Moran – perhaps best known for her novel How To Build a Girl – is one of Twitter’s freshest literary voices. Ranging from jokes to writing advice and biting political commentary, Caitlin Moran

10. Julie Murphy (@andimJULIE)

Julie Murphy, the celebrated author of Dumplin’ and Ramona Blue, is all about spreading messages of positivity and acceptance. She also interacts with other YA authors, like Becky Albertalli and Angie Thomasall the time, so things get pretty interesting on her feed.

11. Heather O’Neill (@lethal_heroine)

Heather O’Neill is known for her incredible ability to balance heart-wrenching drama with dark humour, which she does with ease, in her books. Her Twitter feed is no exception to that. Whether it’s comments about her fashion sense, her upbringing, or her daughter, Heather O’Neill surprises and delights with each new tweet.

12. Sarah Selecky (@SarahSeleckyWS)

Are you a budding writer, or just someone looking for some motivation? Then look no further than Sarah Selecky‘s Twitter feed for help! Filled with messages of positivity, prompts to get you writing, and details about online writing courses, this feed is a must-follow for anyone looking to tap into their creative side.

13. Angie Thomas (@angiecthomas)

I’m going to show a little bias here: Angie Thomas‘s Twitter feed is my absolute favourite. She’s funny, smart, and passionate about all things YA, and her mix of Black Panther/the THUG movie usernames are hilarious. There’s no beating around the bush – Angie Thomas is a must-follow.

Who’s your favourite author to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

Only two more days until unlimited reading time… er, I mean the weekend… You can do it!


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