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Spring has finally sprung, folks! It’s time to break out of our seasonal hibernation and get outside! We’re talking picnics, hikes, trips to the beach, camping, road trips… We just can’t wait! To get you all set for your various outdoor activities, we put together a list of books that we think are perfect outdoor companions!




War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

Let’s have a quick moment of silence for the end of the Red Queen series… It’s been just over a week now and we’re still not quite over it. If you haven’t already picked up Red Queen, then what are you waiting for? If you have, then you’ll already know that War Storm will be tagging along with you, everywhere you go. It’s the perfect companion to literally any activity, indoors or outdoors.

rise and fall

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs by Steve Brusatte

If you’re like me, you’re dying to see the new Jurassic World movie. Couple that anticipation with the fact that, when a book is called “the ultimate dinosaur biography,” you have to read it regardless of the circumstances, and you have the makings of a great time. Is 2018 going to be the summer of the dinosaur? I think so, and I am here👏for👏 it👏. Also, dinosaurs lived outside, so…

look alive out there

Look Alive Out There by Sloane Crosley

Sloane Crosley’s new collection of essays is a book filled with wit, charm, and hilarity. Whether it’s scaling active volcanoes, befriending swingers, or playing herself on Gossip Girl, Sloane’s comically hilarious misadventures will have the other people on the beach staring at you while you laugh hysterically to yourself.* Besides, if you’re making comic legend Steve Martin (who was never more iconic than in the Cheaper By The Dozen movies) laugh, you know you’re doing something right.

*Is this something that happens to everyone, or just me?

blame it on bianca

Blame It On Bianca Del Rio: The Expert on Nothing with an Opinion on Everything by Bianca Del Rio

The New York Times called Bianca Del Rio the “Joan Rivers of the Drag World,” and, if this book is any indication, Bianca has lived up to that billing and then some. In Blame It On Bianca Del Rio, Bianca shares her opinions loudly and proudly, offering raucous, hilarious, no-holds-barred commentary on the everyday annoyances, big and small, that color her world, and make it a living, albeit amusing, hell for anyone who inhabits it. We can picture ourselves reading this one out on a patio, enjoying a nice adult beverage and soaking up some sun.

how to stop time

How To Stop Time by Matt Haig

Picture it now: you, relaxing on a beach, getting some much needed vitamin D after a long winter, and reading a light, fun book. We can’t think of anything else that would top that right about now. Telling the tale of Tom Hazard, a 400-year-old man who might have just fallen in love despite the fact that his only rule is to not fall in love, How To Stop Time is a wonderfully charming novel about the perils of love and the mistakes humans are doomed to make.
the cult on fog island

The Cult on Fog Island by Mariette Lindstein

We can imagine it now – sitting around a bonfire at night in the middle of the woods, devouring this compulsively readable, incredibly creepy tale about a charming young man, a beautiful mansion overlooking the sea, and an island that contains more mysteries that it lets on. Yeah, count us in.

gone in the dark

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara

Okay, I know I keep bringing this book into the mix, but you know what? If you haven’t listened to me already, then please, please just read it. I beg you. I promise it is that good. Like The Cult on Fog Island, I can definitely picture myself reading (and re-reading) this one at night, around a campfire, surrounded by nothing but wilderness and… you know what, actually, scratch that. I think I’ll read this one during the day.

perfect mother

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

Is there anything better than a fun, twisted domestic thriller that keeps you guessing until the final page? We’re not sure there is, which is why Aimee Molloy’s The Perfect Mother is the perfect book for the summer season! We’re thinking this one would be especially good on a cruise or a boat, but we’re not entirely ready to count a beach or a camping trip out either… Guess we’re just going to have to test them all!


Noir by Christopher Moore

Humour and summer go hand-in-hand, which is why you need to bring Noir along with you on any road trip or camping trip you take this summer. This hilarious tale has it all: a hapless bartender; a doll with “sharp angles and dangerous curves”; a tight-lipped air force general; a wise-cracking waif; a black mamba named Petey; and maybe, just maybe, an alien or two. It does involve Roswell, after all…

radiant shimmering light

Radiant Shimmering Light by Sarah Selecky

Giller Prize nominee Sarah Selecky is back with her first work of fiction, a sharply funny and wise novel about female friendship, the face we show the world online and letting your own light shine. Radiant Shimmering Light is a novel that isn’t afraid to get real, and we can already picture ourselves reading it in the backseat of a car with the windows rolled down as we embark on a long road trip…

into the raging sea

Into the Raging Sea: Thirty-Three Mariners, One Megastorm, and the Sinking of El Faro by Rachel Slade 

Perfect for fans of Erik Larson and Adam Shoalts, Rachel Slade’s Into The Raging Sea is the story of the sinking of the El Faro in 2015, which was the worst shipping disaster in thirty-five years. Filled with interviews with family members and maritime experts, Into The Raging Sea recounts the final twenty-four hours of the ship’s crew to paint a clearer picture of the current state of America’s aging merchant marine fleet. Maybe just don’t read it on a boat, unless you’re more daring than me (which you likely are).

all the ever afters.jpg

All the Ever Afters by Danielle Teller

First of all, look at that cover! Holy smokes, that’s something else… Ahem, anyway… Think you know the story of Cinderella? Well, think again! Told from the perspective of Cinderella’s stepmother, Danielle Teller’s All The Ever Afters explores the hidden complexities that lie beneath classic tales of good and evil, all the while showing us that how we confront adversity reveals a more profound, and ultimately more important, truth than the ideal of “happily ever after.”

Tell us: what’s your favourite book to read while at the beach, in a tent, around a bonfire, or on a road trip? Let us know on Twitter @SavvyReader!

May your books be as bright as the sun is currently shining!


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