50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Cliff House

Get ready for a mesmerizing tale of obsession, loss and longing, set against the backdrop of the Northern England coastline. This thriller is suspenseful and lyrical, and will stay with you long after you finish. The Cliff House by Amanda Jennings should be moved up to the top of TBR list stat!

Sixteen-year-old Tamsyn has dreamt and fantasized about the Cliff House for as long as she remembers. Years ago, she used to visit the house on her beloved walks with her father. Tamsyn now spends hours with her binoculars, watching the Davenport family as they drive up to Cornwall every weekend to spend time in their idyllic home on the coast. Tamsyn is convinced that the Davenports have the perfect life, a life that she wishes was hers.

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When Edie Davenport, the young daughter of the family, catches Tamsyn swimming in the Cliff House pool, the two girls strike up an unlikely friendship.

But of course, hiding beneath the rich, shiny exterior of the Davenports are secrets and misfortune. As the girls’ friendship brings the two families together, tragedy and heartbreak seem to be the only outcomes.

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With breathtakingly beautiful descriptions of Cornwall and the northern coastline, poetic writing and compulsive plot lines, The Cliff House is the perfect book to read next this summer!

The Cliff House is our 50 Book Pledge Featured Read! Add it to your TBR shelf now!


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