Perfect Pairings: Books and Summer Drinks

It’s hot out there, folks. Too hot for this autumn lover. Thankfully, our reading time won’t be interrupted by the heat. Here are the perfect, refreshing drinks to accompany some of the best books we’ve read this summer!

Ayesha At Last by Uzma Jalaluddin and an iced chai tea latte

In Ayesha At LastAyesha connects to her family and those around her through chai. For Ayesha, chai is more than just a drink – it’s “love, distilled and warming.” After a quote like that, do I even have to go on? The only reason I chose iced is because it’s been ridiculously hot in Ontario, so we need all the cold things we can get our hands on.

The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man by Jonas Jonasson and a glass (or three) of champagne

Everyone needs a little more Allan Karlsson in their life. I could do without getting thrown headfirst into an international nuclear crisis, but I’m not opposed to taking life by the horns and having fun with it, which is exactly what Allan Karlsson does. This particular adventure starts off with three bottles of champagne, so why not pair this book up with a nice glass of bubbly? The only other thing you’ll need is a hot air balloon…

Blame It On Bianca by Bianca Del Rio and a mojito

Bianca Del Rio has been described as the “Joan Rivers of the Drag World.” I’m not sure there is a compliment higher than that. Because of that, a nice, fresh mojito is the perfect drink to pair with Blame It On Bianca. The white rum is a classy choice, and the mint and lime juice pairing is a refreshing change of piece, just like Bianca.

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn and a margarita

The classiest of all the cocktails, the margarita is the perfect drink to accompany your reading of The Alice Network. The combination of tequila, orange liquer, and lime juice goes down oh so smoothly, which just so happens to be the perfect word to describe Kate Quinn’s writing. Other adjectives we’d accept: beautiful, lyrical, poetic. Jazz up your historical reading by mixing in the classiest cocktail around.

Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear and an iced coffee

Iced coffee is a staple of summer for multiple reasons. Not only is it caffeinated, which will give you the energy you need to get through the day, but it’s also delicious and refreshing. Basically, it checks all the necessary boxes in terms of what I look for in a drink. That’s why it’s the perfect pairing for Caz Frear‘s Sweet Little Lies, a heart-pounding thriller that satisfies our need to be entertained while offering us a fresh perspective on the thriller genre. Just like iced coffee, it checks all the boxes I look for in a thriller, while still bringing something new and fresh to the table.

The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson and a frozen hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is arguably the best drink of the winter season, but it’s far too hot in the summer to drink it. The workaround? Add some ice, some milk, and some whipped cream, and suddenly you have the most addictive of all the summer drinks. That’s exactly why I’m pairing frozen hot chocolate with The Bookshop of Yesterdays – just like the tasty beverage, The Bookshop of Yesterdays is utterly addictive and just so, so enjoyable.

How To Stop Time by Matt Haig and a milkshake, preferably strawberry

In How To Stop Time, Tom Hazard is a time traveler that’s been around for hundreds of years. Milkshakes are the timeless summer drink. Think back to every ’50s movie you’ve ever seen – The OutsidersGrease, etc. etc. – all feature diners at some point, and I’d be utterly shocked if they didn’t serve milkshakes. Point being? Milkshakes are still the best, 70 years later! I really can’t think of a better pairing. Can you?

Radiant Shimmering Light by Sarah Selecky and a sangria

Okay, I’m cheating a little with this one, most because I kind of see a resemblance between the colours used on the cover and the colour of the sangria on the picture… The comparisons don’t stop there, though! A sangria is a mashup of a few different alcohols – some combination of red wine, triple sec, and brandy – and Radiant Shimmering Light is a mashup of different genres and distinct voices that combine to make something utterly perfect.

The Word Is Murder by Anthony Horowitz and a sour beer

Confession: I’m a gigantic fan of sour beer, so I had to fit it in somewhere in this list. But, beyond that, this pairing is so perfect that it’s not entirely fair. Anthony Horowitz has changed the mystery game, turning the traditional murder mystery on its head and reinventing the way they’re told. Sour beers, on the other hand? They’re experimental and funky, and have invaded the craft beer scene (see ya later, IPAs) to change the way we drink beer. Game. Set. Match. Bonus: Jelly King is, in my entirely unbiased opinion, the best beer brewed in Ontario.

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy and a glass of white wine

This one has less to do with the metaphorical pairing and more to do with the story itself. In The Perfect Mother, a group of new mothers go out for some adult fun to de-stress and unwind for a little while. When the night is over, one of their children has vanished without a trace. I don’t know about you, but I think a situation like that calls for a glass of wine. Or two. Or maybe three…

Tell us, Savvy Readers: What is your favourite drink to pair with your summer reads? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader!



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