Featured Read: Family Trust

In Family Trust we follow the Huang family who, upon receiving the news that their patriarch, Stanley, has pancreatic cancer, are left to wonder, how much money they’re being left in the will. Hilarity and drama ensues as each family member grapples with their definition of the American Dream (some of which hinges on their imagined inheritance) and their own reality. Some relationships will fail. Some relationships will be a scam. All the relationships will show that nobody really knows what is going on behind closed doors.


Kate: The daughter. She is happy, right? She’s married and has two wonderful children. Isn’t that part of the American Dream? So then why does she have a feeling something isn’t right? Is it her mercurial boss? Is it the impending death of her capricious father? When she starts to investigate her own life, she finds things are not what they seem and maybe, just maybe, the money from the will make things better…


Stanley: The father. The pancreatic cancer thing sucks but Stanley is sure that with all the attention of his family he will make a full recovery. First, he just needs to figure out a way to get Linda and his new wife in the same room. With knowing smirks and winks, Stanley deflects his family’s attempts to discern his bottom line. Stanley knows all about the scams out there that are trying to rob people of their American Dream but has he been running the biggest scam of them all?


Fred: The son. Life hasn’t gone as planned for this Harvard business grad. Fred is stuck. Stuck in a middle-class investment job that he hates and stuck in a relationship that requires him to over-exaggerate his bank account balance. Fred believes it is his due to be a millionaire, and if he can’t make it happen then his dad’s will might just very well be his ticket to riches. But what happens when his lies lead to a betrayal that leaves him in a pretty. . . uncompromising position?


Linda: The mother (and ex-wife). She is more than fine with being single and has been for the last decade (but even if she wasn’t where would she go to find someone?). In the mornings she goes for an hour long walk, manages her stock shares and tends to her garden. In the afternoons she berates her adult children for not forcing their father to disclose his will and tries to avoid anything that has to do with Stanley and his new (younger) wife, Mary.

If a family drama with more than enough craziness to go around is your thing than Family Trust is the perfect book for you! This humourous drama put a smile on my face and made for a wonderful weekend read!

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