Perfect Pairings: Holiday Gift Edition!

It’s that time of year again, Savvy Readers. Malls are going to be packed, you’re going to struggle to find a parking spot, people are going to be…not the nicest, to say the least… It’s Christmas! Want to beat the mad rush at the mall? Check out these perfect pairings, so no one on your list ends up like Ralphie in his bunny suit!


The Next Person You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

Give everyone on your list the gift of hope this Christmas with a story that is sure to warm their hearts. In this follow-up to his beloved novel The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Mitch Albom tells the story of Annie – the little girl who was saved in the first novel – second encounter with Eddie as she enters heaven to remind readers that every ending is just a new beginning if we open our eyes to its possibilities.

Pair it with: “Dream” Mug!

Born Into It by Jay Baruchel

Unfortunately, every family has that diehard Habs fan. (Is my bitter Leafs fan showing?) Jay Baruchel’s new, hilarious memoir is the perfect gift for them, as he goes through his life as a perennially disappointed Habs fan and why he still willingly cheers for a team that has let him down so many times before. And it’s the perfect gift to pair with a Habs flask, because of all that disappointment we were just talking about.

Pair it with: Habs Flask!

Homebody by Joanna Gaines

Okay, so we all know that Joanna Gaines is the best, so her new design book makes the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list! Filled with photos of her trademark stunning designs, Homebody works as both a beautiful coffee table book and a practical design guide!

Pair it with: Faux fur throw!

Harry Potter Film Wizardry

Harry Potter Film Wizardry is the must-have book for any fan of the Harry Potter series. Featuring interviews with cast members, stories from behind-the-scenes on set, and collectible blueprints of Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic, this book will have you longing for your Hogwarts letter (more than you usually do).

Pair it with: Your favourite character’s wand!

Cujo by Curtis Joseph and Kirstie McLellan Day

Ah, finally we’re mentioning Canada’s team. For every Leafs fan about my age, Curtis Joseph is a living legend. Seriously, people still wear his jersey. In Cujo, the beloved Leafs goalie reveals his wild and unpredictable ride to the NHL, complete with stories from his childhood and time as one of the biggest names in the world of hockey. Plus, he never played on the Habs, so that’s an automatic win.

Pair it with: Babsocks!

I’ll Be There For You by Kelsey Miller

More than just a book about Friends, Kelsey Miller‘s I’ll Be There For You is a deep-dive into arguably the most bingeable series of all-time. Why was a show that once seemed destined for failure such a lasting success? How do some of the most famous jokes stand up in the 21st century? These are just a couple of questions that Kelsey Miller answers in this entertaining, thoughtful, and smart read, perfect for every Friends fan out there.

Pair it with: A “Central Perk” shirt!

GuRu by RuPaul

RuPaul is one of the most talented, successful entertainers in the world, so it’s no surprise that their perspective is one that many people flock to. Filled with inspirational quotes, striking photographs, and hilarious pieces of advice, GuRu isn’t just the perfect gift for any fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race – it’s the perfect gift for anyone in need on some advice! Plus, if you pair it with this “You Betta Werk” journal, you’ll be taking RuPaul‘s signature motivation with you wherever you go!

Pair it with: “You Betta Werk” journal and pencils!

Hindsight by Justin Timberlake

Much like the previously mentioned HomebodyHindsight is a dual-purpose book. On the one hand, it’s a no-brainer for any JT or N’Sync fan. Duh. On the other, the total package makes for a stunning coffee table book that is the perfect addition to any table or bookshelf. What more could you ask for?! Also, I kind of wanted to fit this one in so I could re-watch this Vine (RIP) again.

Pair it with: Beats by Dre

Family Trust by Kathy Wang

What goes better with a great book than a nice glass of red wine? Family Trust is one of the buzziest books of the year, and makes the perfect gift for any type of reader – it literally has something for everyone!

Pair it with: A bottle of red wine!

What books are on your Christmas list this year? Do you have go-to books that you give to everyone on your list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

Only 28 more days until the big day, folks!



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