50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Christmas Sisters

What’s better than the holiday season?! Nothing other than holiday-themed books, of course! If you’re anything like me, you love a good Hallmark Christmas movie. Now, think Hallmark Christmas movie but in the form of a book. I’m SOLD.

Award-winning and bestselling author Sarah Morgan (AKA the Queen of Christmas) writes lively, contemporary stories that you can’t not love, especially around this time of year! The Christmas Sisters is a heartwarming, emotionally rich story brimming with Sarah’s trademark Christmas sparkle. There’s just so much joy and love in this story!


Meet Suzanne McBride: a woman who lives in the snowy Highlands of Scotland, dreaming of the perfect cozy Christmas. She knows some families are made—not born, and she has three wonderful adopted daughters to prove it. All three of them are coming home for the holidays—what could be better?—and she can’t wait to see them. But as it turns out, tensions are running high… No Christmas can go quite according to plan, can it?

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Daughter #1: Hannah. She’s a workaholic, but knows she can’t avoid spending the holidays with her family two years in a row. It’s not their expectations she’s hiding from, though—it’s the life-changing secret she’s been hiding.

Daughter #2: Beth. She’s a stay-at-home mom who’s having a personal crisis. All she wants for Christmas is time to decide if she’s really ready to return to work or not.

Daughter #3: Posy. She isn’t sure if she’s living her best life or not, but with her parents depending on her, making a change seems pretty risky. But not as risky as falling in love with her gorgeous new neighbour, Luke…

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As Suzanne’s dreams of the perfect McBride Christmas slowly unravel, she relies on the magic of the season to bring her daughters together. But will this new togetherness teach the sisters that their close-knit bond is strong enough to withstand anything—including a family Christmas?

Bringing together all of the warmth, wit, and magic of the season, the Queen of Christmas has done it again: I, for one, am head over heels for The Christmas Sisters (yep, as you might have guessed, Hallmark Christmas stories are definitely my guilty pleasure). I hope you love this one as much as I do, and that it sets the mood for your holiday season!

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The Christmas Sisters is this week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured Read. Add it to your To Read shelf today!

Happy reading, and happy holidays, Savvy Readers!


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