Tips for Meeting Your 2019 Reading Goals

As you all know, the 50 Book Pledge is off and running! So far, there have been 2339 pledges (and counting!) we’ve collectively read 6658 books in 2019, which accounts for 4% of our 165,000 book goal! If you need some tips on how to make this year’s 50 Book Pledge a success, check out these tips!

1. Aim to always have a book with you! 


Books come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Whether it means carrying a book around with you ever where, downloading it to your phone and/or tablet, or using your iPod (am I the only person that still uses an iPod?) to listen to it, always having a book on you means you’ll never be bored again! Suddenly those long waits at the doctors office or long commutes to and from work just got a little bit more entertaining.

2. Keep track of your progress


Keeping track of your progress means you always have something to look forward to! On the 50 Book Pledge site, for instance, you’ll be hooked up with both community and personal statistics that’ll reward you for the progress you made and keep you focused on your future goals. Speaking of the 50 Book Pledge, that brings us to our next point…

3. Find a community of readers


Whether it’s a local book club, your friends, or the 50 Book Pledge, reading alongside other book lovers makes the challenge much, much more entertaining. Not only will you have people to talk about the books with, but you’ll also have some competition! After all, you can’t let your friends beat you, right?! Aim for the top!

4. Set attainable goals, and adjust as needed


The beautiful thing about reading goals is that they can be adjusted. Aiming to read 50 books but stuck working overtime more often than not? That’s okay! Just aim a little lower and adjust as needed throughout the year. Aiming to read 50 books but you’re already sitting at 20 and January isn’t even over yet? Beautiful! Just slide that total up a little and keep on going.

5. Find the mode that works for you


As we’ve alluded to, here at the Savvy Reader, we firmly believe that all types of reading count equally. That includes audiobooks, e-books, print books, and any other version of book that we don’t know about. (Maybe interpretive dance doesn’t count, but we’re open to considering it…) Reading is reading is reading.

6. Set a schedule


Setting a reading schedule sounds daunting, but it’s really not. All that means is maybe shutting the TV off an hour earlier so you can read a few chapters before bedtime, or waking up half an hour earlier so you can get a few minutes of uninterrupted reading time. Do whatever works with your schedule!

7. Find the perfect spot


Reading is all about comfort. Before you sit down to read, consider your space. Make your reading nook as comfortable as you possibly can, and make sure you’ve got everything you need (the book, of course, but also some tea or coffee, some snacks, and a blanket for those cold winter nights) before you get lost in the book!

8. Quit Netflix (and Twitter)


Okay, we all know Twitter is basically hell on earth these days, so this is just advice in general. (We’re kidding, of course. But avoiding certain accounts goes a long way…) For me, there’s nothing more distracting than Twitter, an endless cycle of news, and Netflix, an endless cycle of TV. So that’s why I’ve quit Twitter and Netflix (while I’m reading). I put my phone and laptop away and shut off notifications during reading time so that I don’t lose valuable minutes to distractions I don’t need!

9. Don’t worry about DNF’ing


I think most readers (myself included) feel a little guilty when we don’t finish a book, but why should we? Just because the book isn’t working for you now doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you later. DNF’ing doesn’t mean that you hate the book – it just means that it’s not right for you at this moment, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

10. Have fun


Reading should not be laborious and should not feel like work. You’re not feeling it? That’s okay, you can just pick it back up tomorrow! That’s the beauty of reading: books are always there!

How are you doing with your 50 Book Pledge, Savvy Readers? Do you have any tips for your fellow pledgers that I didn’t include here? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter @SavvyReader!

Best of luck this year!


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