50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Field Guide to the North American Teenager

Savvy Readers, you are going to fall in love with this new contemporary Young Adult book! Debut author Ben Philippe has written a hilarious, realistic novel that’s full of snark and self-realization. Really, what more could you want?

The Field Guide to the North American Teenager is about Norris Kaplan, a rather cynical Black French Canadian teen who moves from Montréal to Austin, Texas. Everything he knows about American high school he’s learned from TV shows and movies. Unsurprisingly, Norris has some trouble navigating the stereotypes he thought to expect versus the people he actually encounters.

Poor Norris is plunked into a new high school and sweating a ridiculous amount from the Texas heat (which would be quite intense in comparison to the often freezing Canadian temperatures… something we unfortunately know all too well right now!). He finds himself cataloging everyone he meets: the Cheerleaders, the Jocks, the Loners, and even the Manic Pixie Dream Girl (see below for notes).

Norris’ ultimate goal is to get back to Canada, where he belongs. But against all odds, the labels he’s created for his classmates soon become actual people to Norris… like loner Liam, who makes it his mission to befriend Norris, or Madison the beta cheerleader, who is actually so nice that it has to be a trap. Not to mention Aarti, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, who might, in fact, be a real love interest in the making.

But, as it would happen, Norris really screws everything up on the night on prom. As he tries to pick up the pieces, he realizes it might be time to stop hiding behind his snarky opinions and start living his life—along with the people who have found their way into his heart.

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There are just SO MANY things I loved about this sweet, sweet book, Savvy Readers! The Field Guide to the North American Teenager offers a fresh, fun voice in YA. Norris is hilarious (you will be laughing out loud) and relatable. The love triangle between him, Aarti, and Madison will have you on the edge of your seat. And it all kicks off with this amazing dedication:


If you loved When Dimple Met Rishi or any Nicola Yoon book, this one is for you! You can start reading The Field Guide to the North American Teenager now!

Side note: Ben is a delight on Twitter, so if you don’t already follow him, go do it now!

I want to hear what you think about this one! Tell us on Twitter @SavvyReader. And don’t forget, The Field Guide to the North American Teenager is this week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured Read. Add it to your To Be Read shelf now!

Happy reading!


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