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Hey Savvy Readers, is the winter weather making you think twice about venturing outside this weekend? We got you covered! Grab a blanket and a warm drink, and find your comfiest reading nook – we’ve booked your weekend plans (pun totally intended). Our list of stay-in worthy reads is guaranteed to cure your FOMO and keep you entertained all the way till Monday morning.

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Crucible by James Rollins 

James Rollins is back with a vengeance with the latest, heart-pounding addition in the Sigma Force series. When Commander Gray Pierce arrives home to discover his pregnant lover missing, he sets out on a frantic quest for answers. His discoveries push him deeper and deeper into the past and reveal a future on the brink of annihilation.

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Notes On A Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

Internationally bestselling author Matt Haig offers a guide to coping with the stress of  the modern world, while living a healthier, happier life. If you’ve had a stressful work week this is the perfect weekend read.


The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton 

Love doesn’t always bring out the best in us. The Perfect Girlfriend is a love story gone very,  very wrong. When Nate breaks up with Juliette she doesn’t take it too well- she knows they’re meant to be together… and she’ll stop at nothing to get him back.

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No Exit by Taylor Adams

A snow storm, a trapped child, and an impossible decision. When college student Darby Thorne discovers a little girl caged in the back of a parked van she finds herself in an  unimaginable situation. Caught in a blizzard, with no cellphone reception, and not knowing who to trust, Darby only has herself to rely on. Now aren’t you glade you didn’t leave the house?

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The Secret Orphan by Glynis Peters

Have a box of tissues on hand for this one! In the midst of the Second World War, a young girl is left orphaned after her family is killed in an air raid. To keep her safe a farmer’s daughter and a Canadian pilot must work together to protect the child they’ve to come love.

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Freefall by Jessica Barry

The lone survivor of a plane crash must fight for her life in the mountain wilderness- as her mother tries to piece together the secrets of her daughter’s past. Thrilling and utterly engrossing, this book will keep you guessing all weekend long.


Sister and Spies by Susan Ottaway 

This one is a real tear-jerker. The unsung heroes of the past are finally recognized in Susan Ottaway’s Sisters and Spies. This novel tells the incredible true story of sisters and British special agents Eileen and Jacqueline Nearne- two women that sacrificed everything to fight for our freedom.

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Don’t You Cry by Cass Green

Nina’s life is saved by a waitress during a disastrous blind date. That same night the woman that saved her takes her hostage at gun point. As events increasingly escalate, Nina is forced to endure the longest night of her life and challenge herself in ways she never thought possible.

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The Dakota Winters by Tom Barbash 

A family drama set against the backdrop of the late 1970s leading up to the assassination of John Lennon. The novel follows the Winters family who reside in New York City’s famous Dakota Apartments. Featuring a star-studded cast, and an immersive New City setting- this novel will pull you into it’s world and won’t let go till the very end.

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Tony’s Wife by  Adriana Trigiani

This story will transport you to another time! Set in 1940s America, this spellbinding epic tells the story of two working-class kids who become a successful singing act during the big band era. The story follows their rise to fame, success, struggles and the sacrifices they’re ultimately forced to make.

Those are all of our recommended stay-in worthy reads. Are you planning on picking any of these up? Let us know on Twitter @SavvyReader or in the comments below!

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  1. Freefall is such a great suggestion for a stay-in weekend read! I need to pick up that Matt Haig book. Love his writing, but haven’t read that particular one yet.

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