50 Book Pledge Featured Read: No Beast So Fierce

It’s Monday, Savvy Readers, so that means it’s time for a brand new 50 Book Pledge Featured Read! And this week we have something, very, very different for you!

Recently we’ve been featuring a lot of historical fiction and thrillers, so we thought we’d change it up and give you something a little different – that is, a non-fiction book that reads like the very best of fiction! The book? It’s a little historical read called No Beast So Fierce by Dane Huckelbridge. Ready? Let’s dive in!


No Beast So Fierce by Dane Huckelbridge is a gripping, multifaceted true account of the deadliest animal of all time and the hunter hot on its trail. Not hooked yet? This book is being comped as Jaws (yes, that Jaws) meets American Sniper! That’s not a comp you see every day, right?


The place? Nepal. The year? 1900. The single deadliest animal in recorded history has begun stalking humans through the foothills of the Himalayas. As the death toll climbs and climbs and climbs (we’re talking a staggering 436 lives claimed), a young local hunter is dispatched to stop the man-eater before it struck again.

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No, unfortunately it wasn’t Van Pelt

With the breakneck pace of a pulse-pounding thriller and complete with a lushly illustrated history of the area, No Beast So Fierce is the true account of the Champaway Tiger and Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter-turned-wildlife conservationist that was tasked with pursuing it and stopping it. Set against the backdrop of British colonial rule in India, this astonishing, true account of one of the world’s deadliest cat-and-mouse games of all time is much more than a simple action-adventure tale. Rather, we also get an intimate look at the effects that colonialism had on the ancient relationship between man and tiger, and Corbett’s own journey from famed hunter to principled conservationist who, in time, would earn fame for his devotion to saving the Bengal tiger and its habitat.

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No Beast So Fierce is a pulse-pounding, emotional true account of the deadliest animal in recorded history. Fascinating, multilayered, and, above all else, moving, this book is perfect for any type of reader. With prose that reads like the very best in history writing and a story that reads like fiction, you do not want to miss this book!

No Beast So Fierce is this week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured Read! If you want to read one of the most haunting, action-packed, and emotionally resonant tales you’ll ever encounter, make sure to add it to your shelf today! Also, make sure to share your thoughts with us on Twitter @SavvyReader!

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