Bookmarks: April 19

Happy Easter weekend, Savvy Readers! Since it’s a long weekend, we’re going to dive right into this week’s edition of Bookmarks so that you can get right on back to your relaxing!

1. Oliver Jeffers announced a new book!

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Oliver Jeffers, the amazing children’s book author of Here We Are (which we featured yesterday!), announced that he’s releasing a new book in September! Titled The Fate of Fausto, this timely story is about a man named Fausto who is determined to own everything he sees. Learn more about The Fate of Fausto here!

2. Overdue library book returned after 32 (!!!) years!


Yes, you read that right – a man returned a book to a library that was overdue by 32 years (complete with a handwritten apology)! The book in question? Given today’s late fees of roughly 35 cents/day, the fees he racked up could have totaled over $4000! (Thankfully, the Toronto Public Library caps their late fees at $14, according to CTV.) Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls. Read more about this absolutely wild tale here!

3. Start Karin Slaughter’s new book now! 


In case you missed it, Karin Slaughter has a brand new book coming out in August! Titled The Last Widow, the latest twisted tale from the internationally bestselling author involves a mysterious kidnapping, a devastating explosion, and a diabolical enemy… And did we mention that it’s a return to her beloved Will Trent series?! To help quell our excitement, the good people at Bustle have shared an excerpt from the book and boy oh boy is it ever good. Read it here!

4. Millennials and Gen Z are driving the audiobook book


According to a recent study, Millennials and Gen Z have incorporated audiobooks into their everyday reading habits. Similar to the podcast boom, a big reason for this is commute times. What do you think, Savvy Readers… Are you pro- or anti- audiobook? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, and be sure to read more about the study here!

5. Love, Simon is hitting the small screen!


In truly exciting news, WE’RE GETTING A SIMON VS. THE HOMOSAPIENS AGENDA SPINOFF SERIES ON DISNEY! Fresh off its success at the box office, Disney has just announced its plans for a spinoff series to help kick off it’s planned streaming video service! Read more about the incredible news, and all the plans, here!

Wow, what a busy week in books, Savvy Readers! Did we miss anything? Be sure to let us know on Twitter @SavvyReader or in the comments!

Happy (long weekend) reading!


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