#SavvyReadathon: Announcing Photo Challenge #3!

Okay, Savvy Readers (Savvy Readathon-ers?), we’re officially in the home stretch. We have ONE. MORE. HOUR. LEFT. Think you can do it? Need some motivation? How about… one last photo challenge?!


If you’re anything like me, Savvy Readers, there is nothing – and I mean nothing – more magnificent than a finely curated bookshelf. Perfectly organized to a tee? Magnificent. Chaotic, unorganized, and falling all over the place? Doesn’t matter, still magnificent. So, to win a copy of The Woman in the White Kimono by Ana Johns, all you have to do is share a photo of your beautiful bookshelves! Sounds easy enough, right? Same rules as the prior two photo challenges: On Facebook? You’ll see the official thread announcing this giveaway. Just comment with your photo there and you’ll be entered to win! On Twitter? Post your photo and include #SavvyReadathon, and, voila, you’re also entered to win!

The winner will be chosen on Monday, May 27th!

Happy reading,


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