#SavvyReadathon Recap

Wow, Savvy Readers. Just, wow… You guys absolutely blew us away on Sunday! While we were anticipating a strong showing, I don’t think we were expecting that strong of a showing! With your help, we made Sunday, May 26th a day for the books (pun completely intended) – and even trended while we were at it. Whether you missed the readathon or simply want to relive it, here’s your handy dandy recap!

We kicked things off at 9:00am stat, and by 10:00am we already had #SavvyReadathon trending across Toronto. That’s pretty impressive, seeing as the Raptors did THIS the night before:


Yeah, that’s right. We out-trended the Raptors. No biggie.

Throughout the chat, we kept things rolling with hourly prompts and sporadic contests and challenges. Once all was said and done, we gave away 10 books in just 8 hours! Oh, and speaking about trending…

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 9.22.22 AM

We hit #2 IN ALL OF CANADA just a few hours into the readathon. I still can’t believe that actually happened, Savvy Readers.

All in all, #SavvyReader was used a whopping 1,745 times on Sunday, and that’s not even including the outpouring of tweets that we received that didn’t contain the hashtag. So you can probably round that up to, say, 2,500? In addition to the incredible response on Twitter, we also received an unheard of 1,006 comments across all of our threads on Facebook. Yes, you read that correctly. 1,006. Ridiculous, right?! It took me over an hour to reply to the comments on ONE thread! Unheard of.

While we had just over 130 people sign up for the readathon, my guess is that we actually heard from upwards of 250-275 people join the chat across Facebook and Twitter. Again, RIDICULOUS, YOU GUYS!

We can’t begin to thank you enough for the unprecedented level of engagement and support we received from this community. And what better way to thank you all than by hosting another readathon?! Stay tuned to our page and social channels – we’ll hopefully be announcing something soon!

Relive some of the best moments below!

Happy reading,


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