Perfect Pairings Father’s Day Edition! Books and Beer

Father’s Day is right around the corner, Savvy Readers (this Sunday!!!), and we’ve decided to step a little outside the always-classic give-dad-a-tie box this year. Read on for a list of the perfect Father’s Day pairing, books and beer! Books your dads will love, beers your dad will LOVE, and each one with it’s perfect match! I don’t know about you, but I might just keep Father’s Day going all year long if this is what we’re in for!

Remembering Anthony Bourdain by CNN and The Bock

When celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain died in June 2018, the outpouring of love from his fans around the world was momentous. Now, as we look back, let’s raise a Bock to his memory, AKA the perfect end of day beer. Light but robust, malty and smooth, Bocks go down easy with just a hint of sweetness. This is the perfect beer to carve out a moment of calm and just reflect. Like all lagers, though, Bocks are best while they’re still cold, and that’s really just as well! Anthony Bourdain once said, “If I’m an advocate of anything, it’s to move…Walk in someone else’s shoes, or at least eat their food.” So, let’s get going. There’s a lot of life to taste.

The Sentence Is Death by Anthony Horowitz and Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Clever, complex, and oh so fun, The Sentence Is Death is a work of mystery novel craftmanship. That’s why we’re pairing it with the Belgian Strong Dark Ale. Now there’s complexity for you. A BSDA can be malty and fruity, hoppy and dry, spicy, or anywhere in between.  The flavor profile is all up to the brewery, and they take their work seriously! Did you know every Belgian Dark has a glass designed specifically to enhance its flavour? That’s craftsmanship! And… maybe a little neurotic? Enter Anthony Horowitz and another Daniel Hawthorne mystery, eccentric detective extraordinaire!

Fall; or, Dodge in Hell by Neal Stephenson and American Black Lager

Fall; or, Dodge in Hell is pure, unadulterated fun: a grand drama of analog and digital, man and machine, the finite and the eternal, where death has been… disrupted, and an eternal afterlife—the Bitworld—has been created in which humans continue to exist as digital souls… forever. To pair with this innovative techno-drama, we recommend the American Black Lager. Depth without that heavy body associated with a similarly dark Ale (because, honey, this book MOVES), American Black Lagers balance deliciously roasty dark notes with an assertive hops presence for a beer that is dark and yet still refreshing and dry. This do-it-all beer is the perfect complement to a book that combines the technological, philosophical, and spiritual into on mind-blowing speculative literary saga.

Canada by Collins Canada and Smoked Beer

Canada by Collins Canada and Smoked Beer

Might we suggest a Smoked Beer (or Rauchbier, as it’s also known) to sip alongside this sweeping collection of over 300 spectacular photographs of this country’s ruggedly beautiful landscape from the majestic Rocky Mountains, pristine wilderness, and the world’s longest coastline? Canada captures this rugged beauty in the way a Smoked Beer captures the feeling of an open fire, the great outdoors, and a time before technology allowed us to dry out hops for beer-making without the help of an open flame. Hoppy with a woody, almost bacon-y note (and really, what is more Canadian than bacon?) what else could accompany Canada like Smoked Beer?

Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Base by Geddy Lee and Brown Ale

Browns. A playground for craft brewers. Malt-forward, typically, but abounding in the potential for endless, idiosyncratic flavour. With options ranging from caramel to toffee, toast, chocolate, raisin, coffee and more, and with the potential for a dry or sweet finish depending on the style, and an opening for a little more hoppiness with the entrance of the American Brown… I mean it seems like the possibilities are darn near endless! What better pairing for this delightfully-idiosyncratic-in-it’s-own-right photobook, Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Base! Written with arts journalist Daniel Richler, gorgeously photographed in breathtaking detail by Richard Sibbald, and with insight from Geddy Lee himself, this profile of over 250 bass guitars – pristine, well-worn, and everything in between – was MADE to go down with a Brown.

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill and The IPA

The TERRIFYING Charles Talent Manx who kidnaps children and turns them into monsters, the only girl who ever escaped him, and a life-and-death battle of wills builds… NOS4A2 is intense in every way – terrifying, thrilling, utterly absorbing. We had to pair it with an IPA, didn’t we? The India Pale Ale is not for the faint of heart. Aggressively hoppy, they boast invigorating flavours of citrus, pine, earthy florals and so. much. bitterness. This is an intense beer for one of the most engrossing books to hit the Horror/Fantasy market in a long time, and you won’t be able to put down either because you, my dood, are intense.


The Killer Across the Table by John Douglas and The Russian Imperial Stout

The weather may have turned around in time for Father’s Day this week, but this deep dive into the lives and crimes of four of the most disturbing and complex predatory killers is utterly chilling. What better way to stave off those creeping goosebumps as legendary FBI profiler John Douglas guides you through the minds of recent history’s most ruthless killers than the Russian Imperial Stout? Rich, heavy and smooth, with a chocolatey malt and just the right amount of hops for balance and that mouthfeel… this is a beer to warm you up. A beer meant to be consumed slowly – to appreciate its complexity and to pace yourself given its higher alcohol content – it is the perfect pair to a book sure to stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.

Jamie’s Friday Night Feast by Jaime Oliver and Belgian Pale Ale

Jamie’s Friday Night Feast is all about celebrating the joy of good food, and of sharing it with your friends and loved ones for soul-nourishing – and delicious – full-on weekend feasts from Jaime Oliver. Why not pair the joyful spirit of this cookbook with a light, refreshing Belgian Pale Ale? This hoppy ale offers notes of fruit over a light, carbonated body, making it the perfect summer drink for those nights out on the patio, treating your loved-ones to their Friday feast!

African Samurai by Thomas Lockley, Geoffrey Girard and The Japanese Rice Ale

Sweet with a subtle bite, we’re breaking out the Japanese Rice Ales for this remarkable true story of history’s first foreign-born samurai, Yasuke, and his astonishing journey from Northeast Africa to the heights of Medieval Japanese society. Kidnapped as a child and forced to work as a servant and bodyguard to the head of the Jesuits in Asia, there is bitterness in Yasuke’s tale. You can taste the hops, right? But this Japanese Beer is light, carbonated, and dry, the perfect complement to Yasuke’s meteoric rise for it’s refreshing, energizing appeal.

That’s all from me, folks! What’s your go to drink at the end of a long day? Are you planning to crack one open with your old man this Father’s Day? Let me know in the comments down below or over on twitter @SavvyReader!


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