50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Chai Factor

Happy Monday, Savvy Readers! We’re back with a hot new 50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Chai Factor by Farah Heron! This is an irresistibly layered romantic-comedy about a female engineer trying to advance in her male-dominated field and it had me drinking every word with relish!

Read on to discover why The Chai Factor should be your next binge read!

Our hero, Amira Khan, is everything we want to be in life: smart, savvy and, underneath it all, truly big-hearted… even if she’s closed that heart off to romance for a while. See, Amira has one rule for herself, Savvy Readers: no dating until her grad-school thesis is D.O.N.E. Nothing can distract her from completing a paper that is so good her new less-than-feminist boss will give her the promotion she deserves when she returns to work in the city.


Amira leaves campus early, planning to work in the quiet basement apartment of her family’s house. But she arrives home to find that her grandmother has rented the basement to . . . a barbershop quartet. Cue hijinks please. Who even knew that those were still a thing? These four guys did, anyway, and the hosts and fans of the uber-competitive barbershop quartet competition that brought them to the city. This competition is a big deal, and they NEED to win.


The living situation is awkward: Amira needs silence; the quartet needs to rehearse… and Duncan, the small-town baritone with the flannel shirts, is driving her up the wall. Tall, bearded, with piercing green eyes and a smirk that gets Amira’s bloody boiling like nobody’s business – there’s not enough chai in the world to soothe her jangled nerves.


As Amira and Duncan clash, however, she is surprised to feel a simmering attraction for him – for the bearded hipster she calls the GARDEN GNOME for goodness’s sake! How can she be interested in someone who doesn’t get her, or her family’s culture? His beard isn’t even that good. And his eyes? …I mean the eyes are pretty good, okay, but STILL.


This is not a complication she needs when her future is at stake. But when intolerance rears its ugly head and people who are close to Amira get hurt, she learns that there is more to Duncan than meets the eye.

Now she must decide what she is willing to fight for. In the end, it may be that this small-town singer is the only person who sees her at all.


What a read! I INHALED this book, Savvy Readers. Funny, sharp, with characters so delightful I wanted to crawl right through the page and join the gang. I honestly feel ripped off I never got to taste Amira’s stove-brewed chai, TBH. The descriptions are delicious and Duncan sure seemed to enjoy it…

Farah Heron’s The Chai Factor is this week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured ReadAdd it to your shelf today, Savvy Readers, and be sure to tell us what you thought of it in the comments below or over on twitter at @SavvyReader!!

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