Bookmarks: June 28

Who’s excited for the Canada Day Long Weekend, Savvy Readers?! The weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful, so it’s shaping up to be the perfect opportunity to get outside with a great book in hand and make some progress on your 50 Book Pledge goal. But before we get there, we’ve got some news for you!

1. Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven is becoming a TV series!


Everyone’s favourite post-apocalyptic tale (and by everyone I mean me, because this book is SO FREAKING GOOD) is making the jump to the small screen! And, in even more exciting news, Hiro Murai, acclaimed director of even-more-acclaimed shows Atlanta (which is the best show currently on television) and Barry is set to direct the series. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a little excited about this development. Read more about the announcement here!

2. One copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone just sold for $3,000https___blogs-images.forbes.com_emmapocock_files_2019_06_107544433_1.jpg

Why is this book so special, you ask? Well, apparently it features the first-ever signature of Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe! I personally love that it’s in printing (bottom right). That’s just so hilarious. Also, check out Rupert Grint’s and Emma Watson’s way up at the top – somehow these signatures fit them perfectly! Would you pay $3,000 for a book? That’s wild! Read more about the book here.

3. A new podcast to binge!


If you, like me, simply can’t get enough of the true crime podcast boom (a mini-boom within the massive podcast boom), then you’re in luck, Savvy Readers, because there is a new one here and it is phenomenal. Based on Don Hale‘s Murder in the Graveyard, this podcast tells the story of Stephen Downing, who was convicted and indefinitely sentenced for the murder of Wendy Sewell, a young legal secretary in the town of Bakewell in the Peak District, in September 1973. The catch? Stephen didn’t do it, but spent 27 years in prison anyway. If you want to learn more about this shocking case – described as the greatest miscarriage of justice in British criminal history – then you’ll definitely want to subscribe to the podcast.

4. Heather O’Neill is writing a new book! 


Brace yourselves, Savvy Readers, because one of the very, very best writers in Canada is working on her next novel. That’s right, Heather O’Neill, bestselling and beloved author of Lullabies for Little CriminalsThe Girl Who Was Saturday Night, Daydream of Angelsand The Lonely Hearts Hotel is currently working on her next project, and gave us an inside look at her writing process via LitHub. Want to take a dive into one of the most brilliant creative minds currently working in Canada? Check out her essay here!

That’s all we’ve got, Savvy Readers! Did we miss anything? Do you know something we don’t? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

Happy Long Weekend, everyone!


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