The Great Canadian Road Trip: Rockin’ Tunes

Hey, Savvy Readers! Canada Day may be over, but we are here to make Summer 2019 all about Canada! Last week, we featured the perfect, tasty Canadian road trip companion: a guide to all the best places to eat from coast to coast, courtesy of You Gotta Eat Here and You Gotta Eat Here, Too!

Aside from staying properly nourished, what’s the next most important part of any successful road trip? A great playlist, of course! I mean, what would a summer be without a terrific soundtrack?!?! Well, don’t worry, Savvy Readers… We have got you covered! Below you’ll find a Spotify playlist curated with some of our very favourite Canadian artists to serve as the backdrop to all your wonderful Canadian adventures this summer!


Which songs are on your ultimate Canadian road trip playlist? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

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