Our Favourite Quotes from John Marrs’s The One

First a word-of-mouth hit in the United Kingdom, now a massive bestseller here on this side of the pond, The One is a fascinating read and a rollicking, heart-pounding thriller perfect for any type of reader and any type of book club! Set in a world where a simple DNA test is all it takes to find your perfect match, The One dives deep into the complicated consequences of a simple discovery – and delivers some killer (hint, hint) lines along the way!


So many lines jump off the pages of this absolutely gripping read, but we narrowed down a few of our Favourites™ to share with you today! From a book that is funny, profound, and at times downright chilling, read on for our favourite quotes from John Marrs’s The One!


“If us lasses got our heads together, rewrote the girl code, and agreed to stop letting ourselves be treated like crap, then boys would have no choice but to up their game.”


“Sometimes, the grass is not greener on the other side, and we should stay in the field where we belong. And sometimes we just need to take a gamble and hope for the best.”


“Like John Lennon said, ‘All you need is love.'”

“Yes, but he also said, ‘I am the walrus,’ so let’s not hold too much credence to his pearls of wisdom.”


“I also wanted to demonstrate how greedy we are as human beings. How willing we are to give up everything and anyone we hold dear on the suggestion there might be something better around the corner.”


“Adele was the next artist to shuffle on and he wondered why all killers depicted in television dramas only ever listened to angry, shouty, heavy metal music.”


“If you’ve got the opportunity to love someone as much as they love you, then grab it with both hands and hold on to it for dear life.”


“They say you can’t miss what you’ve never had, but that’s not true. I miss him so much, and I never even knew him.”


“Don’t let the chance to be happy pass you by.”

Have you gotten your hands of a copy of The One yet, Savvy Readers? What was YOUR favourite line? Tell us on Twitter or in the comments below, and don’t forget to add The One to your 50 Book Pledge shelf!

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