50 Book Pledge Featured Read: Summer Hours

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, Savvy Readers. We need only check out Stranger Things’ insane viewership numbers or the fact that Friends never EVER seems to leave the “trending now” page on Netflix to figure that out. Bouncing between the mid-90s and 2008, nostalgia is exactly what makes this week’s 50 Book Pledge Featured Read so enticing! Read on to learn more about Amy Mason Doan’s spell-binding Summer Hours!

From the author of The Summer List, Summer Hours sweeps you away on an emotionally fraught road trip up the California coast, weaving a spellbinding tale about the idealism of youth, the seductive power of nostalgia, and what happens when you realize you haven’t become the person you’d always promised to be.


Becc was the good girl. A dedicated student. Aspiring reporter. Always where she was supposed to be. you know the type.


Until a very secret, very steamy affair with the charming Cal – her best friend Eric’s mother’s live-in boyfriend, okay? Drama! – cost her everything that she held dear. Her relationship with Eric, her carefully imagined future… up in flames, just like that.

Now Becc’s past is back front and center as she travels up the scenic California coast to a wedding… with a man she hasn’t seen in over a decade. As each mile flies by, Becc can’t help but feel the thrilling push and pull of memories. From infinite nights at beach bonfires and lavish boat parties to secret movie sessions, the future has never seemed so full. But the man beside her is not so eager to re-create history…


As the events of that heartbreaking summer come into view, Becc must decide if those dazzling hours they once shared are worth fighting for… or if they’re lost forever.


Whether you’re soaking in the rays (or staying OUT of this heatwave…) by yourself this week or simply looking to be whisked away from the day-to-day for just a moment, Summer Hours is the book for you! It’s the kind of book that will transport you miles and miles away, whether you get the chance to crack it open on a beach somewhere (California’s sounding pretty nice right now…), or stow it away for that long train ride home from the office. Light, wistful, and sparkling with romance and summer days gone by, Summer Hours is this week 50 Book Pledge Featured ReadAdd it to your shelf today!

Happy reading!


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