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We all love book clubs, right Savvy Readers? There’s just something so wonderful about getting together with a group of friends and colleagues and talking about all the wonderful things about literature. You know what would make book clubs even better?

Author guests! While it’s wonderful to discuss the intricacies of books, who better to do that with than the person who wrote it?! Having an author at a book club can add so much to the discussion, whether its answering in-depth questions, clearing up some plot confusion, or just having a nice chat with a fellow literature lover. Trust me, having an author attend your book club would be liking having your own little festival event from the comfort of your living room (or coffee shop, or bar, or restaurant, or wherever else you can host a book club) – it’s so much fun! If you want to take your book club to the next level, give these authors (complete with book recommendations!) a shot.

*(Don’t worry, we’ve cleared it with the appropriate parties and they are a-okay with participating remotely!)

Fiction Book Clubs


Joanna GoodmanThe Home for Unwanted Girls

Discussion topics: historical fiction; mother-daughter relationships; Canadian history; family; abuse



Farah HeronThe Chai Factor

Discussion topics: reimaginings; romance; diverse literature; racial identities; comedy/rom-com; racial and sexual politics



Uzma JalaluddinAyesha At Last

Discussion topics: reimaginings; romance; diverse literature; racial identities; comedy/rom-com



Jennifer RobsonThe Gown

Discussion topics: historical fiction; the Royal Family; fashion; 20th century history



Shelley WoodThe Quintland Sisters

Discussion topics: historical fiction; buried history; Canadian history; family; sisterhood; abuse


*Note: These books won’t be released until the fall!

Risto PakarinenSomeday Jennifer



Joan ThomasFive Wives



Jessica WestheadWorry


Non-Fiction Book Clubs


Erin DavisMourning Has Broken

Discussion topics: grief; death; motherhood; family; well-being; mental health



Samra ZafarA Good Wife

Discussion topics: abuse; family; motherhood; well-being; mental health; personal transformation; immigration


Have you ever had an author participate in your book club? What was it like? Would you ever want to have an author join your discussion? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

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