50 Book Pledge Featured Read: The Last Widow

2019 has been spoiling us with thrillers since the beginning, and we’re living for it!

This week’s 50 Book Pledge Feature Read has had readers in anticipation ever since The Kept Woman dropped. That’s right, Savyy Readers…Karin Slaughter is back with her next great thriller, and this time it’s a new, exciting installment in the Will Trent mystery series! The Last Widow is filled with a disastrous explosion, a puzzling kidnapping, and one diabolical enemy. All great and crucial ingredients for one suspenseful page turner!


We set the scene in Atlanta, where a medical examiner named Sarah Linton is having a family lunch with her boyfriend and agent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Will Trent. (Talk about extreme power couple!? Am I right??) Suddenly, sirens go off and the entire city goes into a complete lockdown after a huge explosion. The city’s major hospital, the CDC, the FBI counter-terrorism headquarters, and a children’s hospital are all closed, leaving everyone in a panic.


There are no two better people who are more devoted to helping in emergencies than Sara and Will. They rush into a disastrous scene where their instincts betray them and leaves Sara a prisoner. Will does everything he can to stay undercover and get Sara back, but things seem to start falling apart…


As the book follows these characters and their attempts to stop disaster, they are forced out of Atlanta and into the Appalachian Mountains. There, they find a remote compound where the “diabolical enemy” plans a horrid murder… And that’s where I’ll stop! Sorry, Savvy Readers, but you’ll need to read it to find out what happens next!


As we slide right into the fall season, you’ll definitely want to get into the thriller vibes with this amazing read. Get your blankets and snack ready, and get comfy with your copy of The Last Widow because you’re not going to want to put this book down! After you’re done reading, let me know what your thoughts are and what your favourite thing about the book was!

The Last Widow is our 50 Book Pledge Feature Read. Add it to your shelf today!

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