How to Finish the Reading Year Strong

Hey book lovers! Can you believe that fall is less than a week away? I can’t! It seems like the year has just flown by and before we know it, we’ll be in the final month of our reading challenges. Whether you’ve finished your yearly reading goals or if you’re still pushing through, here are some tips for finish your reading year off strong.

1) Dedicate a specific time for reading


Allocating a specific time of day to read will help you finish your reading year strong. It can be while you commute, while you’re eating, before bed, or whenever you have spare time where you can pick up book. I personally read every day while I commute, which allows me to read almost 8 hours a week and better utilize my time on the streetcar.

2) Read a variety of books


Change up genres, reading levels, and lengths! By adding variety to your reading, you may just find that you’re reading more and avoiding burnouts. The more variety you read, the easier it will be to keep your reading streak going!

3) Carry a book with you everywhere


Always having a book on you greatly increases the chances of you being able to read. I keep a book in my purse at all times, which has come in handy when I’m out somewhere and have to wait. I find I don’t mind waiting if I have a book in my bag. Even if I pull it out for a few minutes, I’m able to make progress I wouldn’t have been able to had I left my book at home.

4) Do not finish (DNF) books you aren’t enjoying


I know it seems counterproductive to DNF books that you aren’t enjoying in order to finish off your 2019 reading challenge strong, but trust me, it’s not. Until this year, I had never actually DNF’d a book. This actually caused me to go into a leisurely reading slump for 3 years! This year, if I’m not completely engaged in the book I’m reading by the 50-100 page mark, I put the book down and start a new one. By choosing to not finish books that don’t engage me, I’m choosing to make time for the books that excite me, allowing me to finish them faster and read more books!

5) Listen to (more) audiobooks


If you don’t listen to audiobooks, what are you waiting for?! Audiobooks are a great way to get in additional reading while you’re working, traveling, doing chores, or when you just don’t feel like actually reading! I started listening to audiobooks religiously in February and so far have listened to almost 30 audiobooks! You can get your audiobooks for a variety of places, like Audible, Overdrive, or even Spotify!

6) Track your progress


Keeping track of your progress is a great way to motivate yourself to finish your reading challenge strong. If you haven’t yet, you should sign up for the 50 Book Pledge, where you can input all of the books you’ve read, check your reading stats, as well as connect with all of your bookish friends. And don’t worry about signing up late in the year – the pledge will renew in January when you log back in!

7) Find a reading buddy


Buddy reads are a great way to encourage you to read! Find someone who wants to read the same book as you and start reading together. Not only will reading with a friend keep you accountable on your goals, but it’s also so much fun to talk books with other people!

How’s your 2019 #50BookPledge going? What are you going to do to end your reading year strong? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader.

Never stop reading.


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