Perfect Pairings: Christmas Movies + Books

Watching Christmas movies is an integral part of the holiday season. And, if you’re like us, so is reading amazing Christmas books, so…what better way to bring these two holiday traditions together than with a Perfect Pairing? Read on to find the perfect holiday read to go with your favourite Christmas movie!

Elf + A Boy Called Christmas

These two are a perfect combination, with characters who unabashedly love Christmas, and settings that immediately put you in the Christmas spirit. In A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig, Christmas sets out to find his father after he goes missing and goes on a journey to the North Pole – very complementary to Elf, what with Buddy leaving the North Pole to seek out his real father after discovering he isn’t really an elf.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation + Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners

These two go together with their unusual, slightly dysfunctional families, plans gone wrong, and hilarious shenanigans. Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners by Getchen Anthony begins with a carefully planned family event that goes off the rails and thrusts the Baumgartners into a whirlwind, seeing new sides of one another and having to accept one another for who they really are — excellently paired with the disastrous family vacation of Christmas Vacation. Though it’s a bit less comedic than Christmas Vacation, this book is filled-to-the-brim with family drama and chaos!

Love Actually + 25 Days ‘Til Christmas

For fans of holiday romance with some touching emotional moments, Love Actually and 25 Days ‘Til Christmas by Poppy Alexander will be exactly what you’re looking for. 25 Days ‘Til Christmas follows a single mother trying to bring the magic of the holidays back to her young son’s life, and winding up in the path of a man who just might be looking for something similar – it will suit you if you melt for Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie Sangster’s storyline in Love Actually. 

Die Hard + Die Hard Colouring Book

Need we say more? What better to pair with the best Christmas action movie than the Die Hard Colouring Book? Kick back and relax next to your Christmas tree with a plate of gingerbread cookies and fill in all your favourite Die Hard scenes while you watch the film!

It’s a Wonderful Life + Rewrite the Stars 

These two stories both feature a wonderful romance that doesn’t quite go as planned and leads to the dreaded “what if” questions. Rewrite the Stars by Emma Heatherington follows a couple that think they are perfect for one another, but each lets the other slip through their fingers and makes them start rethinking the things they could have done differently – an echo of the sorrow George feels as his life begins to unravel and he wishes himself out of existence, thinking his loved ones would be better off that way.

Last Christmas + We Met in December

For those who prefer their Christmas stories with lots of emotions and a twist, all set against the backdrop of London, this pairing is sure to please. In We Met in December by Rosie Curtis, protagonist Jess feels a spark with one of her new roommates, but when she comes back from a holiday, she finds that he is now dating the girl who lives upstairs. It matches the feeling of a romance that feels so real but is just out of reach in Last Christmas. 

Christmas Wedding Planner + A Wedding in December

This perfect pairing combines the elation and stress of planning both for the holidays – and for a wedding. A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan follows a family gathering for a winter wedding, all with secrets they want to hide but that will inevitably come to light. Both of these stories show love unfolding amidst the chaos of a wedding, all in a beautiful wintry atmosphere.

Home Alone + Home Alone Colouring Book

For the mischievous kid in all of us (and the Die Hard fans, since Home Alone is basically just a kid’s version of it…), pair your viewing of Home Alone with the genius Home Alone Colouring Book! You can yell out to your house, empty or otherwise, that you’re eating junk, watching rubbish, and fulfilling your artistic dreams. We guarantee (or we’re pretty sure, anyway) that no one will come out and stop you.

A Christmas Prince + Finding Christmas

It’s no secret that everyone loves A Christmas Prince and has more than likely seen it more than once. If you just can’t get enough of our favourite fictional royals celebrating Christmas, give Finding Christmas a shot – it’s written by Karen Schaler, the screenwriter of A Christmas Prince, and is sure to satisfy in all the same ways. It features a Christmas-loving protagonist who makes a Christmas scavenger hunt for her scrooge boyfriend – but the clues are picked up by the wrong guy, sending both of their worlds upside-down just in time for the holidays.

Black Christmas + The Chestnut Man 

A different angle now – for fans of a more frightening, gruesome holiday classic like Black Christmas, we recommend picking up The Chestnut Man by Soren Sveistrup. This book sports a plot just as  chilling as Black Christmas, with a notorious serial killer on the loose with a very unique calling card – a handmade doll made with matchsticks and chestnuts. If you’re more the type to want to get creeped out this Christmas season, this is the perfect pair for you!

The Knight Before Christmas + The Duke and I

Who doesn’t love a good old chivalric romance? The Knight Before Christmas and The Duke and I by Julia Quinn make a perfect match with their fine manners, characters disillusioned by romance teaching each other how to love again, and pacts made that go awry as their feelings grow stronger. This pairing will have you sighing to yourself and hoping your own nobleman of yore will come strolling through your door in need of help.

What are you waiting for, Savvy Readers? These perfect pairings are sure to get you in the holiday spirit, and who knows, maybe you’ll have a new Christmas tradition on your hands! Let us know which pair is your favourite in the comments or on our Twitter @SavvyReader.

Happy reading!


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