Community Post: New Year’s Reading Resolutions

At the beginning of December, we put a call out to our Facebook and Twitter followers, asking for their reading resolutions for 2020. In typically Savvy Reader fashion, the community overwhelmingly responded and we rounded up our favourite resolutions that are sure to help you out with next year’s reading!

Reading Habits

“I need to spend more time reading” – Jenn

“Organize my bookshelves, take donation pile of books to the library (which I will no doubt replace with books from library book sale lol)” – Cherie

“I’d like to find a new series or author to read” – Breanna

“I am going to make a point to read more of my “unread shelf “ aka A LOT of the books in my house.” – Meagan

“I would like to read more next year and less screen time. I read 22 books this year but I can do better!” – Dana

“My reading goal next year is to read 5 new authors and at least two books from a new genre.” – Yvonne

“To include more Canadian authors in my reading list.” – Elizabeth

“Trying to read more, and Facebook less next year. Oh, and to enter books when I read them, and not stack them up to enter later.” – Susan (Though, Susan, I think we’re all guilty of both of these!)

“Mine is to find and read all the book suggestions people have given me. And read all the books on my TBR list.” – Victoria

“My goal next year is to slow down my reading a bit – I’m over 125 books read this year, and when I look at my shelf I hardly remember them. I’m going to take time to really absorb the books I’m reading and reflect on them rather than rush to meet a high volume goal.” – Tennille

“Get to my enormous TBR pile.” – Marti

“Try reading new genres.” – Jennifer

My goal is to keep reading and enjoy every moment of adventure, growth and learning! I always try to focus on Canadian authors first… 🇨🇦 📖” – Lorraine

“Like a few others, I would like to tackle my to-read books before purchasing new ones. Maybe consider donating some I know I will never read again, but I struggle with ridding myself of any book.” – Nikki

“With the crazy stories to watch on the internet this year, I could hardly read much as I was binging on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other such streaming websites. In the past one week, I decided to read more and watch less. I plan to read everyday. I plan to go to the library too.” – Niharika

“Read more.” – Liette (Love it. So simple, but so profound.)

“My goal is to get back to more non-fiction.” – Beth

“I’d like to dedicate more time to getting settled in & having a good reading session rather than a couple pages here & there. Would also like to read a bit more non-fiction, especially about the history of everyday things.” – Laurie

“A family goal I have is to read novels with the family since the kids are all getting older. Now just to come up with a list of books…” – Phreia

“Goal is to read down some of my tottering TBR piles (there are multiples). And maybe this will be the year to build one of those Little Lending Libraries out by the sidewalk.” – Linda

More Canadian content, whether that is non-fiction or fiction! Always good to remember the quality we produce up North.” – Carolynn

“I have over 50 physical books on my to be read shelf. Other than my monthly book club picks, I’m going to try to get through all of them before buying any more books.” – Jennifer

“Reading more fiction!” – Kate

“More self-help material.” – Dee

Reading Goals

“75 books in 2020! For 2019 my goal was originally 75 and then I bumped it to 100. Started book number 90 today. Thankfully I have vacation over Christmas so I am hoping to still meet my goal.” – Tabatha

“Looking to hit 100 books next year as sadly I’ll miss that goal by a chunk this year.” – Jenn

“In 2020 I plan on reading more classics” – Cherie

I’d like to read at least one book a week for the year.” – Breanna

“I always aim for 35 books each year.” – Yvonne

“65 books in 2020” – Claire

“Read 75 books for book pledge.” – Jennifer

“I think I will stick with 150.” – Kelly (I love how nonchalant this one is!)

“My goal is to hit 100 and add more authors to my list.” – Nicole

“I would love to hit a goal of 75 books next year.” – Phreia

“I didn’t put a goal in writing, but mentally wanted 50. I read maybe 30, gonna try for 25 this year and keep track.” – Lorna

“My goal was 100, and I am going to be short by about 10 so I’m going to try again next year!” – Erin

“I’m going to read 15 books in 2020 but if I don’t it just means I have more TBR in 2021.” – Kelly (That’s the spirit, Kelly!)

“To hopefully reach my 50 goal because I haven’t been able to do it yet!” – Sheryl (You’ve got this, Sheryl! 2020 is going to be your year!)

Well, there you have it, Savvy Readers: our community New Year’s resolutions! For those of you who may not know already, we run a yearly reading challenge called the 50 Book Pledge, where you can track all of the books you’ve read, write and read reviews, enter in exclusive giveaways and contests, join a community of like-minded readers, and more! While the 2019 edition is, of course, coming to an end in 13 days, we have some excited new changes coming to the pledge in 2020 that you do NOT want to miss. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook and are keeping an eye on this page for more information.

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