My Book Pledge Featured Read: The Orphan Thief

Happy post-Oscars Monday, Savvy Readers! How are you feeling after the big awards night last night? Did you (regrettably) stay up far too late to see if Parasite would actually pull off a sweep like I did, or are you well-rested because you could literally not care less? Whether you’re feeling well-rested or in desperate need of caffeine and/or a bed, we have a fantastic book for you to add to your My Book Pledge TBR today!

Last year, the lovely Glynis Peters exploded onto the historical fiction scene with the bestselling novel The Secret Orphan. Telling the story of six-year-old Rose Sherbourne’s life as an orphan during World War II, readers instantly fell in love with Peters‘ particular brand of historical storytelling. Well, we have some great news, Savvy Readers: Glynis Peters is back with another exceptional, stunning, and memorable novel!


This time around, Glynis Peters is once again dropping us into the middle of WWII and asking us to see the horrors and triumphs of individual people through the eyes of a young orphan. As Hitler’s bombs rain down on war-torn Britain, young Ruby Shadwell is dealt a devastating turn of fate – her entire family is lost during the Coventry Blitz, and she’s forced to make a go of it on her own. Alone in her war-torn city, Ruby is determined to survive and rebuild her life.

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Enter Tommy, a young street urchin who gives Ruby a second chance at life. During this chance encounter, Tommy brings with him Canadian Sergeant Jean-Paul Clayton, who is immediately drawn to Ruby and wants to help her survive the war. But, from Ruby’s perspective, she cannot bear to suffer another loss… Will the war claim Ruby’s last chance at happiness and, possibly, survival? Or will she be able to survive and rebuild the pieces of her life? You’ll have to read it to find out!

The Orphan Thief is an emotional, heartbreaking, yet ultimately heartwarming read that is perfect for fans of The Secret Orphan and Orphan Train. Add it to your My Book Pledge shelf today!

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