Since we’ve been spending so much time inside, we’ve really gotten to spend some extra time with our bookshelves. Taking the lead from HarperCollins UK, who started the #ShowUsYourShelves trend to encourage readers to share photos of their bookshelves and engage with readers from all over the world in what was otherwise a pretty lonely quarantine, we’ve decided to pick the trend up and extend it to our Savvy Reader community! Below we’ve compiled some of the most beautiful shelves you will ever see from our friends, and we want you to add yours to the collection! Read on to discover these shelves and learn how you can take part!



Two of my bookshelves are a little inaccessible – note the long dresser in the first photo and a bed that had to be moved out of the way in the third photo!

Most prized possession: So, I have two… My marked up copy of Infinite Jest that’s on the bottom shelf of the third photo, because David Foster Wallace’s writing has gotten me through a lot, and when I return to grad school for my PhD, that will be the book I study. The second is a signed copy of Miriam Toews’s Swing Low, a book that got me through a particularly dark period of my life, with an inscription that is very special to me.



Most prized possession: One of my favourite books on my shelf is Anne of Green Gables. I think I was in the fourth grade when I first read it, and I’ve now lost count of how many times I’ve flipped those pages! It’s special to me because I vividly remember my grandmother giving it to me and bonding with her over it. It’s one book I know I’ll definitely hold on to forever.



Most prized possession: Mine is my personalized Crown of Feathers series books. The OwlCrate Crown of Feathers which is personalized and my OwlCrate and regular edition of Heart of Flames, both also personalized.



Most prized possession: Okay, so I have this copy of the poetry collection Hard Core Logo by Michael Turner on my shelf because I love, love, LOVE the book, the movie, the soundtrack, etc. Nick Craine, this amazing illustrator, turned the book/movie into a beautiful graphic novel and I ended up with his copy of the source text, which includes Nick’s notes and sketches from when he was turning it into a graphic novel, and it’s probably one of the coolest things I own and I adore it.



Most prized possession: My signed, first edition copy of The Book of Negroes. This book is special to me for many reasons. Firstly because I absolutely loved it. But also because it really represented, I think, a turning point for me in my career and a real watershed moment for HarperCollins Canada. It also just sits on my shelf as a reminder that sometimes the authors who have the most success are the kindest people.



Most prized possession: One of the most valuable books on my shelf is a copy of In Cold Blood by Truman Capote — valuable not in a monetary sense, but in a personal/professional one. This is one of my favourite books and one that I read early on in my English studies that ultimately helped to solidify my passion for literature in general and inspire my career path.



Most prized possession: My most prized book is a signed copy of DEAR LIFE by Alice Munro. Alice’s stories have been a comfort to me since my teenage years. To have a collection touched by her is so special!


MarisolMarisol 2Marisol 3

Most prized possession: Okay I have TWO. One is my copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which doesn’t match the rest of my series because it’s the American edition but I love it because it has illustrations at the beginning of each chapter + it’s my favourite in the series. AND SECOND is my copy of The Catcher in the Rye which has been with me since I first read it in high school and which I used to write my dissertation.



Most prized possession: My most prized book would be my US paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  It’s the only book in the series where I don’t actually own the UK hardcover edition, and for the longest time I hated my set because it didn’t match and because, when my fourth-grade teacher read it aloud to my class, I could never properly keep up because my page numbers weren’t the same.  But now, I absolutely love my mismatched set, because while it isn’t “complete” it’s my version of complete!  It has a different feel to it every time I return to the series, from the fonts to the chapter illustrations to even the page quality, but it’s a different kind of magical entry to the series unique to me.



Most prized possession: A signed first-edition of one of my top five books of all time: How Should A Person Be? by Sheila Heti. Based on a conversation I was having with her, Sheila’s inscription reads, “We are all such nerds.”

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  1. My bookshelves are all empty right now as I am getting ready to paint my home. I have a few books that were published in 1890s ( medical textbooks that were my great great aunt’s). But I have 4 copies of “ Gone with the Wind” that have been read almost to death. I need a bookbinder to put 3 of them back together.

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