Everything You Need to Know About the Savvy Readathon (and more!)

Back by popular demand, our latest Savvy Readathon (quarantine edition) starts Monday, May 4th, and we have a ton of literary fun lined up for you! If you’re looking for more information, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for answers to the life, universe, and everything, you might be in the wrong place. (The answer is 42.) Here is everything you need to know (and more!) about the Savvy Readathon!


SR Readathon Schedule (1)

A couple things to note about the schedule above. Since this is a week-long event, all of the chats under the “Daily” section will be happening every single day. Additionally, any giveaways that we run will be run until the conclusion of the readathon on Sunday, May 10th. THIS NEXT NOTE IS VERY IMPORTANT! We know that not everyone is fortunate enough to be working from home right now, so we wanted to ensure that everyone had an equal opportunity to take part (because, let’s be real, reading is the best way to unwind). The times on this schedule reflect when the item will be posted, but do not reflect when the conversation will stop. For example: On Monday morning, there will be a welcome message and a discussion prompt posted at 8:00 AM sharp. You can comment on this post ANY TIME throughout the week that works with your schedule – these will not be closed to comments. This goes for everything, including giveaways, announcements, discussion posts, conversation starters, reading updates, and more. We want this to work for you!


SR Readathon Rules

As with any readathon we run, we have to lay down a couple ground rules first. (1) All participants must be signed up. You can sign up here if you haven’t already! (2) You must be a My Book Pledge member to enter your name in the grand prize giveaway. You can register here! (3) When taking part on Twitter, please include #SavvyReadathon in all your tweets. We were trending at #2 in Canada last year and we want to do that again this year! (4) READ! That’s it. Pretty straight forward, right? Got it? Good. Let’s move on.


We’ve fielded a number of questions about the readathon, so we thought we’d round them up and answer them as best we could!

Question #1: What is a readathon?

A readathon is exactly what it sounds like – we want you to avoid all other distractions (Netflix, the news, your phone, etc.) and spend some time with a book, because we all know how calming that can be. Throughout the week, we will be hosting chats and giveaways to keep everyone entertained and engaged! At the end of the day, though, the main goal is to read as much as you can!

Question #2: Are there set books we have to read? 

While other readathons guide you in choosing the books you want by giving you goals to hit (e.g. “Read a book that has a colour in the title!), we wanted you to have free reign over what you’re reading this week. We love those readathons and take part in them all the time, but we know things are a little stressful right now, so we want you to be able to read whatever you like at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

Question #3: I’m still working. Can I still take part?

Yes, of course! Unlike the last readathon we ran, which happened on one Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, this readathon will be running the entire week of May 4th to May 10th. Each morning at 8:00 AM, a prompt for the day will be going up on Facebook and Twitter and there will be scheduled content posting throughout the day, but we will not be closing these threads to comments until after the readathon is over. So, if you’re only able to make it for Wednesday and Saturday, for example, you can still join in on any of the conversations throughout the week whenever you are able to. We want to be as inclusive as possible. Basically, as long as you’re able to join at any point throughout the week, you’ll have access to everything! Check out the schedule above to see when prompts, announcements, and giveaways will be going live!

Question #4: Will there be mini-giveaways like last time?

In the interest of secrecy, I can’t say whether there will be (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) or won’t be giveaways other than our grand prize draw. Keep an eye out for those special announcements on the schedule, though.

Question #5: How do I sign up?

You can access our sign-up sheet here. If you want to enter in the grand prize giveaway, you must also be signed up for My Book Pledge.

Question #6: Where will the readathon be taking place?

We will be hosting it on both Twitter and our Facebook group! All morning prompts, discussion questions, polls, and announcements will be shared on both Twitter and Facebook at the exact same time. On Twitter, we will be running daily sprints to encourage people to get reading. These will not be posted on Facebook, however, as we’d like to keep that feed as open as possible so those joining us later in the evening can still find our threads.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or by email! In the meantime, get those TBR piles ready, because we’ve got some reading to do!




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  1. jUST want to know if the times are in Eastern Daylight Savings Time? I live on Central time.

    1. Hi Sandra! We’re based out of Toronto so all of the times are in EST, but the threads will be open the whole week 🙂

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