Bookmarks: May 1

Happy Friday Savvy Readers! Another week has passed and that means it’s time for your weekly run-down of all things BOOKS. So, without further ado, here’s your weekly roundup of everything that’s happening in the literary world!

1. Jonny Campbell is set to direct the forthcoming film adaptation of Cold Storage!

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Campbell, who most recently directed Netflix’s Dracula series is set to direct Paramount’s forthcoming film adaptation of veteran screenwriter David Koepp‘s first novel, Cold Storage. With Koepp himself having worked on major blockbusters including Panic Room and Jurassic Park we’re pretty sure the big-screen adaptation of Cold Storage is going to be amazing! Koepp’s novel follows Pentagon bioterror operative Roberto Diaz, who’s sent to investigate a suspected biochemical attack, but finds something far worse: a highly mutative organism capable of extinction-level destruction. Read more about this story.

2. Carol Goodman’s thriller The Night Visitors was honoured with an Edgar Award!


Presented annually by the Mystery Writers of America, the Edgar Awards are widely considered to be the most prestigious awards in the genre! Carol Goodman‘s The Night Visitors won The Simon and Schuster Mary Higgins Clark Award and she couldn’t be more thrilled! Read more about this story here and be sure to watch her acceptance speech below!

3. HarperCollins Canada is hosting an essential workers GIVEAWAY! 

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To say thank you to essential workers, HarperCollins Canada is giving away $100 work of books each week! Be sure to tag someone from the frontlines on their Instagram post and gift them a bookish escape with a copy of the instant Canadian bestseller, The Glass Hotel from Emily St. John Mandel! Learn more about this story.

Well Savvy Readers, that’s all for today! Tell me in the comments below or tweet us @SavvyReader which of these literary tidbits you found most interesting!

Happy reading,

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