My Book Pledge Featured Read: The War Widow

A new week is upon us, Savvy Readers. The Savvy Readathon has ended. The giveaways have all come to a close. Hopefully winter is finally over. We really need something to kick things off right for us, right? Well, we think we found just the thing…

This week is our first-ever Historical Fiction Week! All week long, we will be featuring content from the historical fiction genre. Recommendations, perfect pairings, royal reads… we’ll have a little bit of everything for every type of historical fiction reader! To kick things off, this week’s My Book Pledge Featured Read is The War Widow by Tara Moss, and it might just be one of the coolest books we’ve ever featured.


Let’s set the stage. We’re in Sydney, Australia in 1946. War time correspondent Billie Walker is happy to finally be home, but the post-war days are tarnished by the death of her father and the disappearance of her husband, Jack, in Europe. Needless to say, it’s not much of a homecoming… To make matters even worse, the newspapers are sidelining her reporting now that the war is over so they can prioritize jobs for returning soldiers. It’s been a bad couple weeks, but that’s not enough to knock Billie down. No, she’s a survivor. Determined to take control of her own future, she reopens her late father’s business and becomes a private eye. Slowly but surely, the women of Sydney come knocking.

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When she first starts out, Billie makes her living by tailing cheating husbands. Then, one day, a young man, the son of European immigrants, goes missing, and Billie finds herself on a dangerous new trail that will lead to the highest levels of Sydney society as well as the city’s underworld. What is the young man’s connection to an exclusive dance club and a high-class auction house? When the people she questions start to turn up dead, Billie is thrown into the path of Detective Inspector Hank Cooper. Will he take her seriously or just get in her way? As the danger mounts and Billie realizes how much is at stake, it becomes clear that although the war was won, it is far from over.

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Billed as a historical thriller, The War Widow is historical fiction like you’ve never seen it before. If that description doesn’t do it for you, I’m not sure what will… Oh wait, yes I am. Hugh Jackman – yes, that Hugh Jackman – read and loved this book! Do you trust Wolverine? I sure do. A thrilling tale that’s equal parts entertaining and emotional, we promise that The War Widow is one book you do NOT want to miss.

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  1. A remarkable book. Tara Moss’ prose rolls smoothly, and her descriptions of places and things are so good that I can visualize them.

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