Black Voices Reading List

Yesterday, in the spirit of #BlackoutTuesday, we went offline and tried to use our platform instead to amplify the voices of Black writers to our followers. We stand in solidarity with Black communities across the world fighting for equality and an end to police brutality and systemic racism, and want to amplify, as best we can, the voices of these communities. We wholeheartedly believe that Black lives matter, and their stories do, too.

While we were offline, we wanted to create a helpful resource centered on stories by Black authors that we think can help fuel conversation and understanding in non-Black communities. 






This is a time of great unrest all across the world. While the news may be daunting, it is crucial that we reject racism unequivocally and listen to the lived experiences of Black people. It is up to us to educate ourselves and seek out materials that will not only help us understand, but also guide us to take appropriate action within our communities. We have the power to dismantle the systems that allow for the proliferation of systemic racism. Today and every day, please use your platforms to speak out against injustice and amplify Black voices.

This is by no means a complete list. We want this collection to be as all-encompassing as it possibly can be, though, so if you notice we’ve missed authors or books that you feel should be included, please let us know in the comments or on social media and we will add them in.

Black lives matter.


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