Over 40 #MyBookPledge Featured Reads for $5 or Less? YES, PLEASE!

We are officially over HALFWAY through this year’s My Book Pledge! We’ve made some great progress this year, but we still have a ways to go to meet our goal of reading 200,000 books! And we have just the thing to help us accomplish that…


Since it’s (somehow) already July, that means it’s time for our annual halfway ebook sale! That’s right, over FORTY amazing ebooks, like Mandy Robotham‘s The German MidwifePeter Swanson‘s Eight Perfect MurdersJoanna Goodman‘s The Home for Unwanted Girls, Meg Waite Clayton‘s The Last Train to London, and SO MANY MORE are on sale for less than $5 each!

Want a peek at the list? Yeah, I know you do.

For those of you looking for the perfect summer read…


For the thriller lovers out there (and we know there’s a lot of you!)…


For all you historical fiction lovers…


Just think: this is just a tiny, tiny of what’s available for SO cheap right now, Savvy Readers! Whether you love fantasy or literary fiction, historical tales or romance, there’s a little something here for every type of reader! And, since they’ve all been one of our #MyBookPledge Featured Reads at some point, you know they come with our seal of approval as well.


The sale is available starting today (July 9th!) and runs until July 23rd, so be sure to check out all the amazing deals before time runs out! And, for good measure, ALL of these deals can be found on all of the major eBook retailers, including Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and Apple iBooks! Want to see the full list? Of course you do. Head over to Kobo now to check it out!

Happy reading,


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