My Book Pledge Featured Read: The Devil and the Dark Water

Happy Monday, Savvy Readers! We hope you had a safe and restful Thanksgiving long weekend, however you chose to celebrate. We’re feeling well-rested and ready to dive right into this week’s My Book Pledge Featured Read, so let’s get started!

If you can think alllllll the way back to September 2018 (I know it feels like an eternity ago now…), you might remember a mystery book that threw us for such a loop that we just had to feature it, because it was so unlike anything else we had ever read. That book was called The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, and was one of our favourite books of the year. Well, we are so excited, because Stuart Turton is officially back with The Devil and the Dark Water, and it is just as inventive and fun as we expected!

Take a dash of Stephen King’s horror, add a big serving of a Sherlock Holmes-esque detective story, and add in a sprinkle of Pirates of the Caribbean and you have the recipe that led to The Devil and the Dark Water, a totally unique murder mystery on the high seas.

Samuel Pipps, the greatest detective of his day, finds himself in a peculiar position: he’s a prisoner, accused of an unknown crime by one of the world’s most powerful men. Along with his faithful sidekick/bodyguard, Arent Hayes, he is put on a boat to sail back to Amsterdam from the East Indies, where he is set to stand trial. Shortly after they hit the open seas, devilry begins to blight the (cursed?) voyage. Shackled in his cell, Pipps leaves it up to Arent solve the mystery that connects every passenger on board. But, when Arent mysteriously goes missing, Pipps is faced with the most dangerous puzzle of his career… All the while, voices whisper to him in the dark. Are these disembodied voices clues? Warnings? Or potentially the devil himself?

Like The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle before, The Devil and the Dark Water is a genre- (and mind) bending mystery that will leave you hanging on for dear life and guessing until the very last page. The setting is so unlike any I had ever read before, the characters were so well-developed, and the mystery was so much fun to try and figure out alongside Pipps. The perfect spooky time read, The Devil and the Dark Water should be added to your TBR immediately!

Since Halloween is right around the corner, we want to get into the spooky spirit. Tell us, Savvy Readers: What is the scariest book you’ve ever read? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

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