My Book Pledge Featured Read: The Forgotten Daughter

Happy Monday Savvy Readers! I don’t know about you, but I love historical fiction, especially when it’s set in Canada. So without further ado, I’m going to dive right into this week’s My Book Pledge Featured Read because it’s one I’ve been waiting for. Allow me to introduce you to Joanna Goodman‘s new novel, The Forgotten Sister!

In 2018 I fell in love with Joanna’s bestselling book, The Home for Unwanted Girls. Loosely related to her first novel about Quebec politics and Duplessis Orphans, The Forgotten Daughter sees a continuation of Elodie’s story and her journey towards justice. If you haven’t read Joanna’s last novel, you’re in great hands because this is a fantastic new story of its own featuring another young woman reckoning with her past and the choices that will define her future.

It’s 1992 and French-Canadian factions have renewed their fight for Quebec independence. The wild and beautiful Veronique Fortin, daughter of a radical separatist convicted of killing a prominent politician in 1970, has embraced her father’s cause.

But when Veronique falls for James Phenix, a journalist who opposes Quebec separatism, their passionate relationship quickly turns turbulent as they negotiate a constant struggle between love and morals.

At the same time, James’ older sister, Elodie Phenix, one of the Duplessis Orphans, becomes involved in a coalition demanding reparations for the 1950 decision to convert Quebec’s orphanages to mental hospitals, affecting 5,000 children. As the two women come to rely on one another, Joanna Goodman paints another moving portrait of true love, familial bonds, and how far people will go when pushed to their moral brink.

Tell me, Savvy Readers, are you planning on picking this one up? I can’t recommend this book enough, and I loved learning more about Quebec’s history! Tell me down below in the comments or on Twitter @SavvyReader, and don’t forget to add The Forgotten Daughter to your My Book Pledge shelf!

Happy reading!

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