My Book Pledge Featured Read: The Historians

Happy Monday Savvy Readers! I hope you all had a restful weekend because this week’s My Book Pledge Featured Read is a nail-biter! Fans of thrilling historical fiction, conspiracy, and government secrets, keep reading because this week’s Featured Read is none other than The Historians by Cecelia Ekbäck!

Our story begins in 1943. Sweden’s neutrality in the war is under pressure.

Laura Dahlgren, the bright, young right-hand of the chief negotiator to Germany, is privy to these tensions, even as she tries to keep her head down. But, when Laura’s best friend from university, Britta, is discovered murdered, Laura becomes determined to find the killer.

Before she died, Britta sent a report on racial profiling in Scandinavia to the secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jens Regnell. In the middle of negotiating a delicate alliance with the Nazis, Jens doesn’t understand why he’s received the report. But, when the pursuit of Britta’s murderer leads Laura to his door, the two join forces to get at the truth.

As Jens and Laura attempt to untangle the mysterious circumstances surrounding Britta’s death, they become increasingly mired in a web of lies and deceit. The trail leads to a conspiracy that could topple their nation’s identity—a conspiracy some in Sweden will keep hidden at any cost.

A hauntingly beautiful story that blends historical intrigue and political suspense, fans of The Alice Network won’t want to miss this one!

Tell me Savvy Readers, will you be adding The Historians to your My Book Pledge shelf? Comment down below or tweet us @SavvyReader.

Happy reading!

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