Cecilia Ekbäck talks The Historians

Happy Wednesday, Savvy Readers! Have you (or, at least those of you in Ontario) been able to take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather lately? We know we sure have! If you missed the announcement on Monday, this week’s My Book Pledge Featured Read is Cecilia Ekbäck‘s The Historians, and we are so excited to let you in on some behind-the-scenes details about the book!

In the middle of World War II, Sweden’s neutrality is under siege. When Laura Dahlgren, a bright young historian, learns that her old friend Britta has been found tortured and murdered, Laura is determined to find her killer. Jens Regnell, a secretary in the Swedish government, begins to suspect that his boss is secretly negotiating with the Reich. Near an iron mine in Lapland, Taneli, a young Sami boy, decides to investigate a string of disappearances after his sister goes missing. Together, these three people will uncover a conspiracy that others are desperate to contain at any cost necessary.

Sound interesting? Well, you’d be right, because this book is tremendousThe Historians is a historical thriller unlike anything you’ve read before! And, luckily for us, Cecilia Ekbäck recorded a video to give you an inside look at the inspiration behind the book! Watch the video below to learn more about The Historians.

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