Our Favourite Historical Fiction of 2020

2020 has been… interesting. Everyone has had to make a lot of changes since March but one of the best ways to experience a lot of what is impossible right now, is through books! Historical fiction gives us the power to travel the world and better yet, leave 2020 altogether. Here are some of those magical stories that helped us get through this difficult year.


Take a trip to 1910s NYC in our favourite January pick.


Meet Lucy who’s doing her best to survive after the Conventry Blitz of WWII takes her family in our February pick.


Visit Paris in 1958 to sew a gown, 1950s Jaipur to create beautiful henna or Henry VII’s England to imagine a new country in our March picks.


Head to 1924 South Caroline for an unforgettable story of woman hood and motherhood, to 1754 London for a captivating story of mothers and daughters, to post-WWII Germany for a mesmerizing page-turner that questions justice and morality, to 1927 Eastern Europe for an unforgettable tale of what we owe to those we love and to 1937 China for a journey that could change the countries fate for ever in our April picks.


Find your way to 1946 Sydney alongside a private investigator, to 1941 Vancouver with sweethearts Hayden and Chidori, to Germany under the Third Reich with the daughter of a high-ranking Nazi officer, to England 1939 with the Queen Mother, or to Buchenwald in 1939 with a boy and his father in our may picks.


Join the Italian resistance in 1943 Venice and the French Resistance in 1944 Paris in our June picks.


Uncover a network of spies and war criminals in post-war Germany, spend three days in a maternity ward in 1918 Dublin at the height of the great flu, and meet the woman who captured Prince Edward’s heart before he abdicated the throne for Wallis Simpson in England 1926 in our July picks.


Be plunged into a 19th century Russian tragicomedy, a secret-shattering novel in WWII London, a poetic portrayal of Auschwitz, a heartbreaking read of exile, survival and art in 1937 Poland, and an emotionally resonant novel set in 19th century Australia in our August picks.


Discover a lush debut set in postwar Paris and a truly original take on 1492 Milan and WWII Munich among our September favourites.


Go back to WWI France, 1941 China, the 1st Century AD Roman Empire, 1941 Liverpool, 20th century America and 1992 Quebec within our October picks.


Discover a conspiracy that could topple a government and destroy a country’s identity in 1943 Sweden, a curse that echoes through the centuries from 1560 to modern-day England, and unforgettable intrigue in the aftermath of WWII London.


Our December picks include a heart-wrenching WWII story set in Berlin, an enchanting collection set in Regency England and a novel about the sisters who changed fashion forever beginning before WWI in Paris.

Let us know what your favourites are, Savvy Readers in the comments below or on Twitter @SavvyReader!

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