My Book Pledge Featured Read: The Forgotten Orphan

Happy Monday Savvy Readers! If you’re looking for a cozy historical fiction book for the holidays, look no further than this week’s featured read: The Forgotten Orphan by Glynis Peters.

Southampton 1940: Abandoned when she was young, Maisie Reynolds was separated from her twin brother and forced to grow up in Holly Bush orphanage – a place where she has never known love or kindness. But as a war rages on, an opportunity arises for adult Maisie to return to the orphanage and make it the warm and loving home she never had, for the children growing up there.

If you like a little romance in your historical reads, you’ll love the storyline with Maisie and Canadian paratrooper, Cam. Coming all the way from British Columbia, Cam inspires Maisie to follow her dreams and turns up the heat in the novel!!

Another thing I really loved about this book, is the poetry weaved throughout that gives authenticity to the characters and a lyrical backdrop to a heartfelt story.

Happy Reading Savvy Readers! Comment below or tweet us @SavvyReader to let us know if you’ll be picking this one up!


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