An Update from Team Savvy Reader

We’re ending the month with a little bit of a status update on all things Savvy Reader and My Book Pledge!

For the last 11+ years (maybe even longer!), the Savvy Reader blog has existed in some way, shape, or form. From its infancy, we’ve set out with the goal of doing exactly one thing: providing you with great book recommendations. From listicles to staff picks, Featured Reads to quizzes, and everything in between, it seems like we’ve covered basically every book in existence! Recently, though, the digital landscape has really started to change, and we imagine that you’ve noticed we’ve been posting a little less over here in recent months. Today, in response to these changes, we’re excited to share the next evolution of the Savvy Reader with you! Starting today, things will be quieter here on the blog. Like, a lot quieter. New content is going to be very sparse. Of course, it should go without saying that we’re still going to leave our site up to archive our existing content, so feel free to browse as you please and visit our past posts.

Rather than updating the blog nearly five days a week, like we’ve done every week for over 11 years, all of our content will live on our social media platforms. We’re still going to be sharing the same content you’ve come to love, but it’ll just be done in a slightly different way. In our Facebook group, we’ll be sharing the same type of content we’re sharing right now, but it’ll live on Facebook rather than the blog. Over on Twitter, our account will become a bit more conversational, so feel free to reach out whenever you’d like to chat a bit! And, finally, on Instagram, we’ll continue to share funny content, beautiful photos, and, of course, more reading recommendations! So be sure to follow us on all of these platforms so you can keep track of everything we’re up to! What does this mean for My Book Pledge? Well, nothing! My Book Pledge is still going to be the exact same excellent site that it currently is, and it will continue to update each year and get better and better.

The last 11+ years have been a ton of fun. We’ve produced a lot of content and we’ve had the privilege of forming such a wonderful community of Savvy Readers. As we embark on our next steps, we can’t wait to see just how big our community of passionate readers and book lovers will grow. We hope you’ll join us on the next stage of our journey!

As always, happy reading from Alice, Brianna, Marisol, and Jesse, a.k.a. Team Savvy Reader

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3 thoughts on “An Update from Team Savvy Reader

  1. I’m so disappointed that My Book Pledge is not working and I receive no answers to my feedback. There are no updates. It’s been weeks.

  2. The search engine is not working on mybookpledge. I’ve had to enter the last four books that I have read.

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